Weekly Goal Setting Leads to a Long Term Impact!

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Motivation Nation,
Setting weekly goals can be one of the most productive tools you use in your motivation tool box.
I've found this technique to work the best:

Write down (yes, actually write) what you would like to achieve for the week on a piece of paper.
Remember to be specific (refer to our post about SMART goals for more info)
I like to physically write it down because it's psychologically rewarding to cross off your achievements.
Keep the list to 3-7 items. Too much on the list can be counter-productive.

Check your list and evaluate how you're progressing.
Cross off a goal as it is accomplished.
What can you change about your routine if you feel you're off from your goals?
What do you need to do to ensure the goals are accomplished by end of week?

Hump Day goal check. How are you progressing halfway there?

Weekly evaluation- how did you do? Did you accomplish everything?
What caused you to miss a goal? If all goals were hit, what led to your success?
This is the time to study what worked and what didn't so you can better attack the next week.

Doing this on a weekly basis will increase productivity, which will lead to a rise in self-esteem and confidence.
Imagine if you did this every week for a year? How much more productive would you be in a year?!

Good luck, Motivation Nation!

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