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There are times that we feel so alone even though we are surrounded by the people who love us dearly. You expect them to understand you but they only give or do to you what they think is right for you according to their knowledge.

This often leads us to be uncomfortable and being unheard or being misunderstood which makes you feel somehow alone though you are surrounded by them. When this sadness comes your way,

Be reminded that GOD UNDERSTANDS YOU.

Be comforted in the thought, that you are loved by God deeply that
He has put these people around you with so much love to protect you and help you grow though sometimes they don’t understand you and vice versa, you too ought to learn to understand them.

A process is not as easy as the discipline is,

but just go with the flow and still do what is right before GOD
and you'll bloom. Embrace the process,

then enjoy the outcome. God bless ^_^


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I think understanding ourselves well enough to explain ourselves to others, especially to those who dislike some of our natural tendencies.. is really important.

Understanding oneself is actually quite rare though and I think it's usually only possible to achieve as an adult at 33+ years and older. I am only starting to really understand myself now and I also understand my wife much more than I understood her before.

Once you get there.. where you understand yourself and the people close to you on a level that you can clearly explain yourself and them, life gets much much better @mrblu.

The challenge getting there though is extremely difficult but I think all of us are up for the challenge 😊


will said bro ^_^


Try taking a personality test @mrblu.. it helps ☺️