Busy family man with a bong for a head and his third eye open... plus MDMA.

2년 전

this picture is made by a homeless guy I met on a trip to my home town of colchester...

sup steemit,

I don't even know when I last posted I would have to check and I don't want to do that right now as I won't post again...
This whole time I have been meaning to post but reality has broke soooo many times for me and shits been insain at home, But I'm still living with my girlfriend and our five children, so it's all good in da hood or Harwich in england that is.
We are quite lucky in alot of ways but as a big poor family in a bs fake democrocy under a bunch of gready arseholes who also like to fuck little boys... ffs sheeple how am I crazy for reserching this in my agrophobic years and questioning everything, ever!?

/off topic rant over..
so yea back to the point we aint got it so bad with our three floor house you couldnt fucking adopt a dog or a cat in right now.... ha, the landlord has a manor and really lords it up while our has is FUBAR to put it in laymans terms it's about to collapse without major work in maybe the next decade fo sure. He is a cunt and, as a wise man once said "there's no cure for being a cunt!". But on the whole we are rick in life and love.

anyways I have no point to this post just doing it before swim is going to test dive after, I hope it's a nice 2g's of MDMA...It's from a new seller my mate is trying from the deepweb :)

So how do I test how strong a parcle, first off without a testing kit I have to tread lightly and be the lab rat...
This I got from my good friend, who I've know about 18years. I've seen his debate his own order for hours and hours and I trust his decition.

Secondly, I look at the packaging and also planning they have used to get it safely to the door, you can see the pros as they hide the shape and they always use anti tamper bags, over a vaccuum sealed bag,

Third? if it's as strong as it says treat it with respect. I do this anyway because of my many issues I may have a pinic attack so I have to be carfule until I have hit a certan point. Panic attacks sober or stoned is bad enough you can ofter think and feel like you're dying. That's reson enough to go stedy but mdma has never made me have one so finger's crossed bitches.

I love this place and now I need to show some other minnows some support. much love steemians, Peace Love and animal rights. 2 woops fo my juggalo magic ninja's

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MDMA IS THE TRUTH. Be safe and have fun, bruh...


Yes man, you know this, safe as houses just not the one we live in because that's a death trap!

Oh you're fun. And yea I get the whole reality thing, not posting, fucking sheeple, and fake "think you have a choice" democracies, but hey at least we're normal 😎😄

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