A Farewell Note to My Intel Colleagues

4개월 전

This was the letter I sent to my colleagues at Intel at couple of weeks ago when I resigned. The response was overwhelming! I received so many personal notes of support, gratitude, recollections of past adventures, and many thanks. The flood of messages was humbling. Fond memories of great people and wonderfully challenging times.  

I am posting this for the people who I missed on the distribution list (tough to remember everyone and I am sure I missed many) and for those previous employees who had already left the company. This message applies to you too. I wanted to share and say thank you.   

For those non-Intel readers, if you are interested in the core values that drive longtime Intel employees, here is a picture of my very worn badge. I believe in these values and will carry them forward in all future endeavors of my professional career.  

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Congrats!!!! nice letter

Exit with class. Nice.