Recognized as One of LinkedIn's Top Tech Voice for 2018

3년 전

Thank you all!  I am truly honored to be recognized, but even more I appreciate those who take the time to read my, posts and join the conversation.  We all have a tremendous challenge, to make technology secure/private/safe, and our progress heavily depends upon communication and collaboration across the industry!  So, I thank you!  

Take a look at the entire LinkedIn Top10 Technology for 2018 list here to read about the most influential technology voices across LinkedIn’s 55 million professional members.   Never hesitate in joining the conversation.  This is our digital world, we must protect, invigorate, and fuel growth for it to continue to thrive.  

Never hesitate in joining the conversation!

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Congrats Matt that is awesome!!!

There are some great people on that LinkedIn Top Voices list!

Wow @mrosenquist, that mention talks a lot about your knowledge and work, a pleasure have you here on steemit sharing your ideas with us. Regards


I really enjoy being a part of the Steemit community. I like the sharing and discussion aspects across many different types of people.

Awesome, congrats @mrosenquist! You've been working very hard in the field!