What to do in order to be good in life

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What to do in order to be good in life

How strange is the jiban! Sometimes beautiful and pleasurable, and sometimes hard work. Therefore, it must always be good with sacrificing trouble. Everybody wants to be good at life. We are doing so for the best. People are going from country to country only to stay good. People have killed people for their wealth. Brother brothers and sisters are just good for them.

 Therefore, you have to do well to stay.

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* Never compare yourself to others **

** Need to stay away from negative thoughts. Everything will be positive thinking.

** Never be confused with yourself and the near person. Do not worry, there is no profit without loss of self.

** Do not waste your time with friends. Use the time

** The enemy can never be overcome. It only leads to anguish.

** It is impossible to win all the seats in life. So be prepared to accept the rate and be ready.

** Take time out of time.

** Never bring any bad thoughts inside yourself.

** Always keep your mind fresh.

Every person can do everything if he is right. So always have to be patient. Everybody should always have a good life. Everything will be possible in the table.

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Can you help me by explaining what you mean by this point?

** Do not waste time traveling with or with friends or friends.


oh sorry this poin .....Do not waste your time with friends . Use the time*****


I believe you are discussing excess of spending time, otherwise, we enjoy time spent with our friends.

Thanks for giving us this valuable information, it's not easy to communicate information to the community, and it's not easy to access these ideas, thank you again for this noble effort .

The benefit of spending a happy life is to accept what God has written for you.

Good work, nice photos! Lovely colors!! Thanks for sharing. Followed and upvoted.