Chances are that Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman has died.

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๐Ÿ‘‰ Chances are that Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman has died.
"I do not see Saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman ever seen for a month.

Where is Salman? Why is he not seen in public?
Although the Saudi authorities did not comment on this, the report claimed that Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia have been killed by Iran and Russian media. Though these reports do not mention any reliable sources, Saudi Arabia is believed to have been killed on a number of points.

This news has been published in Russia on Sputnik News, Iran's Fars News and Press TV.
Iran's media claims that a coup attempt was made in the royal palace on April 21 in the royal palace. While there was speculation that Saudi influential Prince Salman was killed during the shootings.
The Ka'han magazine, published in Persian, claims that the news of the death of Prince Raja has been sent to a senior official of an Arab country in a intelligence report.
The report claimed that during the attack on the Saudi palace on April 21, two bullets hit Prince Salman's body. He may have died Because after this incident, Yuvraj was not seen publicly.
In a report of Iran's Fars News, 21

In April, the noise of the fierce gunfire was heard from the royal palace. Prince Salman was then taken to the United States Air Force station in Riyadh.
A number of videos published in the media have been shown, there are massive firing around the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud Palace in Riyadh.
The news is being claimed that Saudi King and his son, Prince Salman, were taken to a bunker on their airplane in the security of US troops.
Press TV said that since the incident, Saudi authorities did not publish any picture or video of Prince Salman. Even when the new US Secretary of State Mike Pampo went to Saudi Arabia in late April, the Prince was not seen in any film.
Although the news is said, Prince Salman took part in a dinner with the US Secretary of State. But no picture was published except Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair with the photo of the US Secretary of State.
Press TV reports also said that Prince Salman is often seen in the media. But since the attack on Riyadh 27 days ago, he is absolutely absent in the media. Due to the long disappearance, there was fear of Prince Salman's outcome.

Some sources claim that the members of the Saudi royal family who were opposed to King Salman in the April 21 attack
The Saudi authorities have not yet commented on this.
On April 22, the AFP news of Al Jazeera and the news agency said that there was a rumor spreading that a coup attempt was being made in the country on the night of April 21 in Saudi Arabia's Rajprasad cinema. A video of shootings outside the palace is viral through social media. The sound of the bullets gives rise to the buzz. Later, Saudi Arabia's security forces claimed that a drone was shot down. They have called the drone as toys.

In fact, it was a coup attempt or whether the possibility of the drone was arranged to overwhelm the possibility that the drama was arranged in different parts of the country. Not only in Saudi Arabia, it is believed that this incident is part of the coup plot.
Then some Saudi newspapers say that during the shootings, Salman took refuge in the US base near Salman.
Saudi analyst Ali Al-Ahmed said that King Salman took shelter at the Khaled Airfield in Saudi King Riyadh.
Now the time will tell the real truth.

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And why aren't we seeing this on the mainstream media ? And what is the beginning of this attack, I thought Saudi Arabia is one of the most peaceful place on earth.


The authenticity of the news is not possible. Russian and Iranian media claimed. Saudi peace was in place, but there would be turmoil in the near future. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: This is what the Prophet said.

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