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Do you know

Uthmani Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was a very religious man and a skilled commander and a ruler of a merciful and just ruler. On the request of Christians in his kingdom, he only allowed alcohol for Christians, but when he learned that some Muslim youth was also involved, he was immediately forbidden to drink in the empire. Declared and punished the culprits. They are many mosques-madrasa Sasarirara war led by ratistha gechenatini 13 denadirgha 48-year-old Ottoman Empire sasanamale he was able to establish as one of the great sultan.

The "Sultan Suleiman" TV serial with him is a hypocrisy. In it, the history has been distorted as well as showing the Sultan as a woman lover. The Russian President Erdouan has banned that serial in Turkey. Those who watch the serials can only understand the historical aspects. The errors in this serial

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