"Is Hijabi the only protector of women?"

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"Is Hijabi the only protector of women?"


**These two days of online writing, which seems to have been "three groups of Islamists with a clear hijab", because of this grouping, it can be said that those who have done the job through Mosharraf Karim, they have a couple of interesting examples, they are selfish and successful.

1st Group: - The Hijab is very popular with Islamist Islamists. Today, Mosharraf Karim has been able to create the second group because of their extreme sense of humor, who say "Hijabi is the sole protector of women."

Second Group: Those who swear Mosharraf Karim, who also swear by the Islamists, are also using the words "Hijab is not the protector of women, but it is minor. If it were safeguarded then why would 7-year-old children and Hijab women be raped?"

3rd Group: Those whose statements are clear statements of the Quran. After the clear statement, 14 groups of any secularist should not have an alcoholism. We say, "Hijab is not only the sole protection of women but also protects the dignity of women and women." Protecting women's empowerment is not only the hijab or the screen but also the protection of the hijab and women's empowerment.

If anybody says that Salat e Islam is the only mandatory rule, it is wrong, just as if anybody says that prayer is not a mandatory rule of Islam, it is also a great mistake. Rather, it is to say that among the five obligatory rulings of Islam there is a prayer and a Just as Hijab is the sole protector of women who say it is wrong, so the hijab is not a woman's protector, it is also wrong to say that it is also wrong.

The only right is the protection of women's empowerment. (1) Both the eyes and the attitude of men and women are guarded.

(2) Islamic environment, including Mahram Gaire mahram menten.

) Keeping the Sharia Hijab.


Remember, the protection of women is not possible only by wearing the hijab. Someone dug up the top of the screen but with Gaire mahram talking about the night, on the phone. How to explain to him Hijabi is the sole protector of women. If a man looks at his daughter with a bad look, from whom no one can escape the punishment of his daughter, how can he survive seven years of survival?

Another important point to protect women's respect is. In the case of punishment of rapists, implement the punishment mentioned in the Islamic rule. I do not know any of them will be implemented. Opposing the Just Hijab, all Muslims will have to roar together against this path of women and methods.

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Great post.Much obliged for sharing it

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I agree with you