Nobel Laureate by research on Roza (autophysi)!

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Nobel Laureate by research on Roza (autophysi)!

If Muslims keep fasting then they are called 'fast', when fasting, fasting, Hindu or Buddhist people are said to be fasting, then they are called 'fasting', when the revolutionaries keep fasting, it is called 'hunger strike', and fasting in medical science is called ' Auto-fuzzy '.
But there are some differences with the kind of fasting of Muslims.
Not too long, medical science has been familiar with autofjie. In 2016, the Nobel committee offers Japanese doctors 'oscanii ossumi' for autophysi discovery. From then on, modern people started to fast on fasting.
You will find many videos in YouTube. See how modern women and men are busy getting busy fasting, see !!! Even though, medical science is said to be !!
Anyway, what is Autophagy? Now say it.
The word autophagy is a Greek word. Auto Finance itself, and eat Phagy money. So, autophagy means to eat yourself.
No, medical science does not tell yourself to eat themselves. When the body cells do not get any food from the outside itself, when they start eating their own sick cells, then they are called autophagy in the language of medical science.
Let's say a little more simply.
In our house such as a dustbin, or on our computer such as a recycle bin, there is also a dustbins in every cell of our body. Due to the body cells being very busy throughout the year, the dustbin does not get time to clean. As a result, many garbage and dirt can be accumulated in the cells.
If the body cells are not able to clean their dusty tubes regularly, then the cells are once inactive and produce various types of diseases in the body. Many major diseases like cancer or diabetes are started from here.
When people are in an empty stomach, the body cells are very unemployed. But they do not sit idle like us, so each cell starts cleansing its inner rubbish and dirt. They do not eat the garbage like us, they eat their garbage itself. This method of medical science is called autophagy.
Japan's Ooshinori Ohsumi took the Nobel Prize in 2016, after discovering this thing. I have heard that the Processor Osineri himself also kept two fast during the week. I am sorry for those who do not fast for health reasons. We make autopsy of our body every month after fasting every month. But, how do you autofagen your body?

The Nobel prize is being researched by Muslims, and all the contributions of science, namely, Nayuju Billah

-Quran, which has long said that it is now analyzed by science, it is not logical, there is no logic in the Quran,

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