Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) passed the prediction of the city itself.

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On this day (29th May, 1453 AD), today, in the history of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih (Rahimahullah) conquered Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih started the siege on April 6, 1, 431. Finally, after 53 days of the siege, 29 May city is conquered.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) passed the prediction of the city itself.

"Surely you will conquer Constantinople. His Amir will be the best Amir and that army will be the best army." (Musnad Ahmad 4/335, Hadith no - 18957)

During this time, Constantinople was the world's safest city. To win this city, Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih gave extraordinary patience, military craft and courage. After getting power in 1551 AD, he started preparing for the city soon. Bafrasa set up a new fort on the coast of the sea. Construction of huge cannons with the help of an engineering engineer.

At one stage of this war, when the road to the success of the Sultan was shutting down, 80 vessels of his fleet spread on the platform in the darkness of the night and brought him from Golden Globes to Bassez, which turned the gates of war. An unimaginable task is that before any emperor or commander Did not

After the Fajr prayer on 29 May, the Sultan ordered the final attack. Constantinople was conquered in the hands of the Muslims on the same day. Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih named the city "Islambool", converted the main church Hajia Sophia into a mosque. With the religious freedom of ordinary Christian citizens, the opportunity to leave Constantinople town. In history, Sultan Muhammad is remembered for his victory.

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