"Solid reality"

3년 전

"Solid reality"

Suddenly a terrible storm started !!!
After stuck in a tea shop !!!

But unfortunately, I was standing by myself, an atheist self-declared an atheist !!!
In my knowledge, he feared the storm ...

Then, I started talking to him !!!

I: Are you afraid ?? 😎

Nashstick: Nah. Have fun !! Do you see the horrific situation ??

I: Cure !! Nature seems to be on the believers! 😉😉

Nastik: If you have another thing you have news

I: Hmmm ... and talk down !!! 🙊

(Suddenly there was a lightning boom !!!)

Nastik: O Allah, save!

I: And mama !! What did you do? 😱😱

Nastik: Chori !!! Thadar (Bajaj) has come out of the mouth with the sound ... 😖

I: Okay! Comuna !!! 😋😋

(Another lightning reads)

I: And save Darwino !!!! 😛😛

Nashik: Send a textbook! Why is it wrong? 😤😦

I: Stop the Hawkingo !!! Now ok ???? 😉

Nashik: Do not be ridiculous ... you fall on your feet !!!!!! 😭

I: What is the profit by typing? I will die a day !!! 😁😁

Nashstick: You die, die! Before that, arrange for me to save ... 🙏

I: What is a nutshell?

Nashik: Along the way, the storm will stop! 😁😁

I: 😱😰😱 (awkward) !!!!

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