The reality is really very difficult.

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How much force can a woman, her children, work on the road, and simultaneously maintain the commitment of religion, it can be perceived somewhat if it shows the picture. The so-called feminists will see only "man's entertainment", to encourage women in such activities. It is not a cocktail, because the feminist feminists who say the pillar, the emphasis of the pillar comes from the men.

.The imposition of their own sins, bad thoughts, without any basis on their opponents, is one of the most unethical weapons in the media era. And these feminists make their supporter not impose them on the other side, but rather impose on innocent people, especially on the Ahlu'ul Islam, that Islam can be seen in one hand.

.For example, why they are raped repeatedly in the issue of rape, why are raped even after childbearing, these issues continue to try to nullify the provision of a screen. But never see if they raise a question about the core issues of the Hyper-Sexual Society. Because their servers are actually themselves.

.They will not question the rationality, transparency, and failure of the secular democratic administration, law, and justice system. Some people questioning the failure of the individual or group, but never question the fundamental teacher's integrity and system. But if you get a chance, the rules of Islam will try to say that it is inconvenient in this age. They are silent with their failed system, and without giving them the opportunity to implement the system, it fails. They fail to understand what it means to shout to the people, what they understand.

.Those who are confused by these bunts are impressed by their lifestyle, they accept the feminism. It is possible to solve the torture of women only through Islam. If someone thinks that there is no solution in Islam, he disbelieved. Rather, women are oppressed because of not following Islam properly, its rights are curtailed. But the feminist mindhamautara, making the oppression of women as a result of patriarchy, is creating a distinction and weakening the family system.

.It is not possible to stop the torture of women by making women malfunctioning because earlier the victim was tortured, she would now be accessible to being persecuted outside. Is economic relativity centric? If the woman alone will be able to be saved? Can money save women from torture?

.Those who say that screen descant mater is only responsible for men's perception, they are talking about the women's impoverishment so that men cannot apply their criminal power. In this case, why not talk about changing men's viewpoint. Why is the money income as a safe? Can money save him from therapists? From the oppressive husband? Then why is the question asked about traveling with Safar, a trip with Mahram?

.Rather, it is not a financial solution, it is the best Impulse of the character. It is for both males and females. Hijab is not only a dress, ritual, contemplation, rituals related to the movement of roads and roads, such as the provision of women's tour with a mahram.

.So, keeping an eye on these, if any incidence happens, instead of rapists, the rules of the hijab and the rhetoric of its preachers can make the saikulars have great fun. But why boys are being raped, why their judicial system is disappearing, they are not asking questions about who their rapists are planting the brain with fertilizer. Because they themselves are involved in these activities. Cut down the trees with the bottom, pour water over it.

.The aspect must be changed. Both women and women Parents, brothers and sisters also Why would a divorced woman think her father-in-law understood? This is not the style of Islam. For the next lady to come, this style is the pagans of Hindustan. Why do we take into account the burden of a divorced or a widow?

.But when you look at money like money, you will marry the pot, I will not see anything of the character. After the girl beat up, she will be able to work herself so that she can go on a divorce and make her work. If he can not work, he is burdened! The speakers do not talk about this point of view!

The earlier women were tortured, it is now more than that. Family violence has risen more than ever. The idea of solving money with money, promoting materialistic mentality, and giving to the dowry a kind of recognition.

.Earlier, the girl's father gave dowry, now the working girl will earn her dowry. That is, the more you go, the more you will find the failure of their invented principles. What's new is that the girl does not want to read, do not want to know; They want to show-off. The prince is not there anymore, so they want a boyfriend.

.The example of some girls cannot be shown in the whole community. Those parents who have given up their mothers for education are now more interested to love than just being in love with friends. And the creator of Shikularism wants that devil. The truth will be forgotten, and when it comes to the truth, everything should be prepared for that, so that the spine can not accept the truth without straightening it.

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