This is the situation of Bangladeshi society?

3년 전

When the responsible people tell lies, it is understandable that the downfall of the society is on the brink of destruction. If they had the least morals they would not have been lying, liars. Daily news of such and other charges has been published for the corruption of newspapers paper. Maybe it's a piano. If there is such a situation then evil people in the country are not bothered. There is no food that does not mix in adulteration. What are the adulterators but honest people ????


Then there is the fake Hirai. There is no substance that has been started from life-saving medicines, which is not digested by the stomach food. Those people who do these things are honest people ??

Those who leak question papers are honest people. State institutions are losers year after year, but the same business lends profits like Ragb Boal to private organizations. Broadcasting of telecommunication and private bus business, On the contrary, the country's favorite Teletalk is far behind, BRTC buses are the landlords, the railway system of the priesthood. But how many colorful luxury buses smile

This list is known to all, it is not my discovery. Asking to write to everyone, the list will not end.

It is said that the number of honest people in the country is increasing !!!!!!

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