tour gayo waterfall bidin tansaran

3년 전

beautiful and amazing waterfalls. Clean and clear water of unspoiled nature.

the only waterfall in the village wonosari bener festive district, this waterfall is very beautiful and interesting charm, but this waterfall has a remarkable story.
waterfalls that we can only see, enjoy the atmosphere and take pictures. This waterfall is now prohibited for visitors to bathe.


was forbidden to take a bath because there was a couple who wanted to take a prewedding picture, and not when a guy stood on a rock beneath a waterfall, he accidentally fell into the pond beneath the waterfall, the guy is not floating anymore and then his girl panicked, she also jumped into the pool, it is not knowable events we know by our society, two days later we just know and we look for it, then did not meet also the corpse.

from the incident so it is now prohibited close to the rock beneath the waterfall.


if a friend of steemians may know this alone by wanting to try to feel the beauty of this waterfall, may be my friend komen. thank you..?


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