Turning 40 and Talking Older and Wiser on my Podcast

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My 40th Birthday

Last weekend I turned 40! I had a truly magical weekend and felt very loved and blessed. My family also came over to surprise me (including my Mum who came all the way from India!)
Then my husband @nanzo-scoop whisked me away on a surprise trip to Paris. And I received lots of gorgeous gifts, messages and love from my friends. It was a truly special birthday.


Older and Wiser

I can't quite believe I'm 40. I don't feel a day over 28 and with my mum's good genes I can still pass for a few years younger. However, I know I need to keep looking after myself as I can't rely on genes alone , plus gravity is a bitch! Lots of people lie about their age and wish they were 21 again but I would hate to be 21 again. Although I had a fabulous time at that age, I am grateful for the life experience that I've now gained. Although some things worry me about getting older I feel a sense of confidence that I never had in my twenties. I think I'm more focused and proactive too as I now realise that life is short. I know don't have the free time that I once had so fitting all the things I'm trying to be proactive about is a bit of a challenge!


Clip from The Sisterhood of MummyImperfect

One of the things that I'm focusing on now is my podcast The Sisterhood of MummyImperfect. And I decided to ask my sisterhood how they felt about getting older. Is there anything they wish they could tell their younger selves? Does getting older scare them or are they embracing it? Here's a clip from the podcast:

Listen to the full episode

You can listen to the rest of the episode using the links below:


Let me know what you think of the podcast and also how you feel about getting older.

MummyImperfect x

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Happy Birthday! You and nanzo look great! I hit 42 in 2 weeks! 40 is the new 20! 😂

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Nooooooooo!!!! You really 42??!


In 2 weeks but I still look young 😂

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I thought we're around same ages and I'm not even 30! Oh my!!


Thank you :)
And have a fabulous birthday.

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Happy birthday!

Are you guys in London? Was that picture taken in Hampstead Heath?

I agree that the twenties sucked in many ways compared to the forties that I'm in now. It was the lack of perspective mostly. In other ways, life was better.


Thank you. We were in Paris, Montmartre.
I totally agree. Oh well you can’t have it all and I guess there are pros and cons to every age. Just got to live life to the full.

Wishing you a very happy birthday :D


Thank you so much :)

Nice, happy 40th! My wife just turned 40 this last Sunday and we also got married on her birthday! Lots of love happening in December!

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Oh a fellow saggitarian! Happy birthday to your wife. I hope you spoiled her on her special day :)

Happy birthday !

I wish I could go back to 21 ... with the knowledge I have now ... lol

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Happy birthday dear! 😍. You look amazing! I think Asians or colored people in general look young for a very long time because we have thick skin. I think we should be able to tell our age with pride. Its weird to lie about our age, because we do want to live long,right? If someone says: i dont want to get older, it means that person wants to die young? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your birthday with your family! XO


Thank you Fathin. Yes I think the melanin in our skin helps us look younger. And I totally agree about the age thing. Each age has its own advantages and our journeys in life have made us who we are.

Hello @mummyimperfect, Happy Birthday!!! Tell me about the big 40 ... I also just had mine this year, lol!! Age is just a number as long as you feel young. :)

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Thank you. I hope you enjoyed your 40th birthday too. 40 is the new 30 apparently!


Rightly said. I love your attitude, lol.

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You look amazing!