Rebellion on Titan - Part 7

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Part 7
The waters in Titan were stagnant after the events, and my mood was improved with the mixture I used. Still, I would like to go back to earth; I was planning to remind Nian Chen of his promise and make him send me to the world.

Katerina's medicine worked perfectly well, and I even noticed my muscles were developed while taking a shower. Besides, the feathers on my shoulders did not escape my attention, but I did not think about it because I left my solicitous days behind.

After the shower, I got dressed up and walked out of my apartment and took the road to The Intelligent Systems Control Center to find Oxo. I intended to go underground and check all the sites where the servers are located; Oxo must have been there somewhere.

I think it was my lucky day; I found Oxo in the first server room sleeping in a corner. I was determined not to let him slip away from my hand; after clutching his right arm, I shook him to wake him up.

He opened his blue eyes and said “Mission Accomplished,” looking up to my eyes.

"What was your mission?”

"I checked the architectural blueprints, detected unauthorized changes, and caught them.”

"Who did you catch?”

“I was the hero who quarantined Dragon and Miami.”

“Does Nian Chen know about this?”

"Dragon had conspired with me. Oxo's not crazy. Oxo is loyal to his mission.”

"You speak of yourself as a third person.”

"Oxo never betrays. Don't erase my memory; I can handle viruses. The Dragon infected me, but Oxo is not afraid, he does his job.”

"Does Nian Chen know you did the quarantine?”

“Yes, sure.”

"Security staff can help you. You want me to talk to them?”

“Oxo does not need anyone; Oxo is a hero.”

Oxo's head was cloudy due to viruses. As the mission was completed, it was time to visit Katerina and ask her about the hairs on my shoulders. I got out of the server room, arrived on the mini-train, the mini-train went through the dark tunnels and reached the building where Katerina's office was located.

When I walked into Katerina's room, I found her lying on the back of her seat. She had no makeup on her face, and she had casual clothes.

When she felt someone in her room, she opened her eyes and said, “It's nice of you to come to my visit.”

“You're beautiful today," I said,” You shine like a star."

“How can I help you?" she asked, there was no sign of the intimacy she exhibited in our previous conversation.

“Feathers came out on his shoulder, and my muscles began to develop as I stood still. I think I'm turning into a werewolf."

“I like wild men,” said Katerina smiling.

“Is it because of the drugs you gave?”

"Yes, there is nothing to worry about.”

"Is your offer to make love the other day still valid?”

“You missed the opportunity.”

“I'm in that mood today.”

"Because of the testosterone in the drug.”

"I don't think so; your beauty seduces me.”

“It's unethical that you tell your doctor these things.”

“Is it ethical when you say it.”

“Don't you dare attack me, you'il regret it.”

“You're the one who got me thinking about making love, now you refuse.”

"Continue taking medicine until it's over.”

I intended to attack upon her and to take her in my arms, and I hurried out of his room, fearing this wild desire. I was alienated to myself, and I didn't remember feeling such a burning desire before. I had an aggressive animal inside, and it wanted to gain independence.

A galactic rage has soon replaced my sexual desire. I wanted to go back to earth, and Nian Chen kept me busy. I called his virtual assistant and told him I had to meet him in the day. His assistant called in five minutes and said that if I could come in a short time, he'd be able to squeeze my meeting between the two meetings. That's how it got faster when I got a little hard.

Nian Chen greeted me with a smile in his office. He pointed me to sit in the seat in front of his desk.

“You insist on your request to return to Earth," he said.

“You're right.”

“You do sports; you look fit.”

"Because of the drugs, Katerina gave.”

"They can't understand Katerina. She's good at his job.”

“Do you know the date of the shuttle's return?”

"The number of people who want to return has increased considerably. A shuttle will be departing soon.”

“You're going to make it easy for me to get compensation, aren't you?”

“If we make it easy for you, we'il open the door to objections. Then everyone wants to go through that door.”

“But you said it would be easy for me if I did what you said.”

"I never promised you anything.”

"I have fulfilled the mission on Oxo. He says he'd quarantined Dragon and Miami.”

“I think he's exaggerating his role a little bit. He can't think of it as healthy because the virus infected his main program.”

"You agree that he has a role in the success achieved. In Turkish culture, the elders provide younger people with all the convenience they can, and in Chinese culture, do they?”

“You've changed.”

“Will you help me?”

“As I said, there is no way I can do anything about compensation.”

“But you promised me.”

"I can get you three salary bonuses.”

“Compared to the compensation I'll pay, it's not enough.”

“You know we don't have to do this. You shouldn't push your luck.”

“Do you think that compensation is fair?”

“It is not fair; compensation does not cover the training we give you and the cost of the road.”

“I accept the offer because of my respect for you.”

“So we agreed, I wish you a good trip in advance."

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