Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 15

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Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
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Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
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Part 15: Saturday Night Fever

You should not be outside while you are smoking an electronic cigarette. Especially considering the foreign substances that are mixed into electronic cigarette liquid, each of which gives an entirely different mental experience, being outside is considered suicide. Our main activity for relieving fatigue and stress of the week was the parties we organized at home on Saturday nights. In this organization, which is a patented recommendation for 'Beautiful Life' by Bonanza, Tuğ spent many hours with us and emptied his mind.

That evening, Deniz also joined our small giant cadre composed of Tuğ, Zeynep and me. Our company partner and high school friend Berkan, was not among us because of Tuğ's veto, which could be expected to be on the staff. Fortunately, there was no way to be guessed by Berkan that Deniz joined us, as a fourth person joined our team on Saturday night for the first time in years. Tuğ who did not like anyone other than people he found out from the internet and met outside invited Deniz personally saying that she would honor us if she were included in our evening meeting. I was surprised by the invitation of Tuğ, as well as the reception of a Deniz, without any ado.

There was nothing to fear; the only risk was that the substances involved in the electronic cigarette liquid that we could not predict what effect it would have on people. In the past, most of the crises stemming from Tug's crazy actions have been blocked by not allowing him to go out of the house and forcibly putting him in the cold shower.

After the team gathered in our house's living room and stowing all the necessary food items on the big coffee table in the middle, I invited Tuğ to the podium for the opening speech. He passed behind our imaginary rostrum and began to appeal to the enthusiastic audience in the living room:

“Dear friends, we are gathered here tonight at first sight to spend a time that is no different from other Saturday evenings. The timing of our meeting may be the same, but our participatory composition is different from the previous weeks; we welcome an important guest in our hall this evening. I say to our friend, Deniz " welcome on board." I want to talk briefly about the program of our night before sharing my observations on the country and world agenda with you. Tonight we will have the opportunity to test the cocktail of two rare substances that are stored in the form of electronic cigarettes mixed with nicotine-laden liquid. I would like to express my pleasure that we will not be exposed to adverse side effects such as smoking odor while we are experiencing it. In the background, electronic music tracks composed by artificial intelligence algorithms through improvisation will accompany us, and any participant who wishes will be free to play any songs. During these sessions, we do not engage in activities that require a long time investment, such as watching a movie but prefer our souls to be free like a butterfly in the countryside. Among the activities we frequently encounter in our meetings are impersonating, singing, gossiping, engaging in heated debates, or being buried in profound silence. After summarizing the road map of the night, we can now take a look at the situation of the country and the world. Dear participants, my friends, I think the word that best expresses the status of the country is ‘terrible.’ Could it be worse? Of course, for example, our citizens may die in mass as a result of epidemics, terrorist attacks, or wars. I don't want to draw you a very dark picture. Although we can see that a small number of well-educated individuals can do meaningful things, even if they manage our country with no idea what direction of the world is. The general problems of the world are much more frightening. We regret to see that the human race has become increasingly dysfunctional with the rise of artificial intelligence and that because of the loss of self-confidence created by this situation, people are embracing all kinds of fascist ideas with great enthusiasm. Some malicious critics say that in such difficult times, the human race has been exposed to greed, bullying, and selfishness. I do not agree with this opinion, but I will not try to explain the reason for not extending the speech. Under the sacred wings of the night, I wish you hours of joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Thank you for listening to me and being with me tonight.”

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