Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 16

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
Part 6: Pre-design Battle
Part 7: My Dear Father
Part 8: Video Speech of A Public Enemy
Part 9: A Job Interview
Part 10: The Second Great Attack
Part 11: Big Hopes
Part 12: An Unexpected Disaster
Part 13: Sediment of the Days
Part 14: The Goddess Of Matchmaking, Gülizar
Part 15: Saturday Night Fever

Part 16: Red Alert

Tuğ came down from the imaginary podium by cheers, joined us, took a red apple from the coffee table, and started to eat it with appetite. It was clear from Deniz's gaze that she was wondering if he was high, and I said, “Tuğ's head is always high.”

While Tuğ was continuing to bite the big red apple, he said “I like giving speeches,”

“Does everyone have to show their skills here?” Deniz asked.

”Yes, absolutely," Tuğ said, thinking that Deniz had prepared something.

”Then let Samet show us his skills," said Deniz.

I got up and started to arrange food stowed on the coffee table and serve drinks. Even Zeynep, who knew my tendency to do housework, seemed surprised. ”What, did you think I was gonna do a cock job? " I asked the people who followed me with their mouths open.

After consuming chips, nuts, and fruits, it was time for electronic cigarettes to be smoked.

“Unfortunately, there are only two of these devices. We will share it as couples,” said Tuğ.

Deniz said, “it is ok for me,” and I said,” it doesn't matter to me either."

”Is there anyone asking you?" said Tuğ.

I said, “even the hippos can be trained, and unfortunately, Tuğ is always acting with instincts.”

"Don't you ask me?" said Zeynep.

“As we're lovers, it won't be a problem I thought,” Tuğ said.

"We were lovers, I forgot. If we are, let's go to the cinema tomorrow. We will go to the film I chose, not Bonanza,” said Zeynep. “Whatever you want,” Tuğ answered.

After a couple of shots of electronic cigarettes, I got hit. I didn't say a word so I wouldn't scratch my charisma, but my body was numb as if it had been paralyzed. I laid to the couch and got the baby's position. I was like I had lost the ability to speak; I had no way of opening my mouth, my brain had lost control over my body.

I was surprised that electronic cigarettes didn't have a similar effect on others. Zeynep and Deniz seemed to have an intimate conversation. Tuğ caught himself in the electronic music that was playing, and he was in dreams. I was afraid to close my eyes because when I close my eyes, my stomach started to get worse. I had no power to resist if someone came and sliced me like a cucumber. My sensitivity to sound and light had increased enormously, and the music that was playing made my brain tired, and the rays emitted by the mini LED bulbs on the ceiling were stuck in my eyes.

All my inner organs were shaken with a feeling of withdrawal as if I were falling from a high place. Throwing up in the middle of the hall might not matter. Worse than that was pissing my pants off. I had difficulty controlling my bowels, and I was pouring profanity to the Tuğ, which kept the rhythm in the joy of the music. I have confirmed that there are neurons in the intestines in a similar way to the brain. My brain was alarmed to save me from the situation I was in; my head was continually functioning, trying to figure out how I could get out of the crisis with the least amount of damage. I've already gone over the fear of being humiliated, and if I had the power to talk, I'd ask them to take me to the bathroom. After all, it was a better place to do things that people were disgusted with.

On the other hand, I didn't think it would be limited to me, but I wanted to warn my friends before they made a big scandal. It was unclear how much longer they could continue to smoke electronic cigarettes carelessly. It was an unfortunate situation for a man like me who was a control freak; since I can't do anything, I just wanted to leave myself in the compassionate arms of time. I closed my eyes, and in a few seconds, I rolled into a red void.

I don't know how long it took me to faint; I woke up with Tuğ's unceasingly high tone of laughter. The view of the living room had changed quite a bit. Deniz stretched out over the seat across the big screen, and Zeynep disappeared. I guessed Tuğ was chatting with Bonanza on his mobile computer, he had a pure joy that was seen in the children, and another entity other than Bonanza couldn't make Tuğ so exhilarated. The fog in my head was scattered, and I began to dominate my body to a certain extent. I tried to get up, and when my eyes were dark, I left myself on the couch in a sad state. I took a look at Tuğ while I was gathering power to try to get up again. The enthusiasm he was experiencing was read from his bright blue eyes, and his experience was absolute, and soon his energy would turn into a frenzy. The next time I went to bed, I got up too heavy. “Wake up, Snow White,” said Tuğ in a sarcastic voice, leaving his eye on the pocket computer.

“What'd you make us drink, cow antidepressant?”

“Stop analyzing and have fun, my coach.”

“Where is, Zeynep?” I asked him.

“I don't know, I am not Zeynep's keeper,” Tuğ replied.

I said, “Don't spoil it; I'll break your mouth.”

Tuğ stood up and shook his hips towards me and said, “You only eat my ass."

It was possible that Zeynep had fallen somewhere and shot her head. Obviously, Tuğ switched to another world by resetting his head. In the scenario I envisioned, Zeynep laid on the floor of the bathroom sink in blood. I barely got out of my place. I went to the bathroom, drawing zigzags like drunks. When I saw there was no one in the bathroom, I went to Tuğ's bedroom. Zeynep's head was hanging down by the bed, and her hair was sweeping the floor. I grabbed her head and put it on the pillow. The cheeks I touched were warm, and I think she was breathing. When I was in a hurry to cover up something on Zeynep, I heard Tuğ shouting, “Empty this street; you're enough!”

I twitched right into the kitchen facing the front street. “Look, they're still not going,” Tuğ said and repeated the call, shouting, " Get out pigsties". The arrow had come out of the bow before I could catch up and shut his mouth.

One of the guys in black clothes looked up and said, “You mind your own business, my dear, are you crazy?”

Hearing the negative response of the men, Tuğ started pulling down his pants, “I'm a good job on you, let your mind come to your head,” he replied.

I went by the window, I pulled Tuğ's head and called to the crowd below: “our friend's father died today, he doesn't know what he says” and I closed the window. Tuğ attacked me by saying, “You also apologized to the herd of cow,” of course, his primary purpose was to open the window again and urinate on them below. Although the foreign substances that the Tuğ added to the cigarette reduced my power by half, I was able to hold and stop Tuğ because he was exposed to the same effect.

He screamed and tried to get rid of my hand; I squeezed his body so strong that his breath was cut off; he could not say one more word. Because I was afraid that his ribs would break, I loosened the clamp I created with my two arms and dragged him into the living room and stretched him over the couch. When he got rid of the clamp, he wanted to open his mouth and say something, then he gave up and closed his eyes as if nothing had happened and fall asleep.

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