Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 2

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Part 1

Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes

You may think that you are well prepared, that you will make tricks that no one has ever done, that everyone will admire you and that you will win easily. You can rely on this thought and imagine that others will not be able to have the ideas you have because they are not as intelligent and capable as you. I'm telling you, collegiates, yes, I hope you underestimated the job. I hope you have come to think you are smart enough, you did not dare to study your lesson, rehearse your presentation, guess the possible questions, and prepare your answers.

Bad capitalism will rank us. Capitalism, fed by nature's cruelty and the dark side of the human soul, will measure the intensity of our desire to work and will try to predict how much sacrifice we can make. I want to take part in your circus, sir, and I'm a lion ready to jump through the flaming circle. I want to have the admiration of the public and get the prize at the end of the show. Ladies and gentlemen, Samet Daglioglu's show is about to begin. Please turn off your pocket computers and sit back and enjoy what's happening on stage. Dear Deputies, dear Governor, distinguished servants of the Directorate of Love and Sorrow, I salute you all with most profound love and respect.

When the secretary said, “Mr. Samet, it's your turn,” I got out of my thoughts and got up quickly. I noticed that her fingers were as smooth as a pencil, thin and long, and she was a nice girl. As we walked along the corridor, she informed me about the interview: it was not allowed to exceed the 12 minutes, so it was essential to adjust the timing so that the presentation would not be interrupted. It was necessary to listen carefully to the guidance of the evaluation committee and try not to keep the questions answered. Some young entrepreneurs, in a hurry to tell the features of the product they created to the duration of the presentation, could not hear the questions, and of course, this prevented them from receiving the funding they deserve. I thanked her with exaggerated gratitude, like any Turkish young man who tries to flirt when they see a beautiful girl.

Two men and a woman greeted me in the meeting room where the assistant girl led me. The artist-looking man with a silk scarf on his neck pointed to the chair I was going to sit on. He appeared in his fifties; he was a man from the old ages, wearing a bright jacket with a red handkerchief on his pocket.

“Welcome, my dear friend. My Name Is Önder. Together with my colleagues, we work to identify talented young people of all ages that have bright business ideas. Can you start by introducing yourself?”.

“My Name Is Samet Daglioglu. I am a graduate of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Ege University. I worked at Boyner Holding in a department that developed artificial intelligence systems and machine learning models for up to six years. We have produced information that leads to strategic business decisions and marketing activities through our activities in our department. When I worked at Boyner holding, I got a master's degree in data analytics from Bahçeşehir University. About three months ago, I left Boyner holding to start my own company.”

“An impressive resume, congratulations,” said the banker looking man of the forty-year-old who sits next to the Önder Bey whose name meant leader. The banker looking man looked like Agent Smith in The Matrix movie; he was in a suit, and he had no beard and mustache.

The Great Leader put his left hand in the pocket of the vest with a shawl pattern, while he was tidying his beard with his right hand: “Can you tell us about the business idea and your characteristics?”

The woman sitting on the other side of The Great Leader was taking notes on the laptop, and I wondered what she was writing. “I don't like to talk about myself; I'm ashamed to do it; In general, I can say that I have perseverance and I am a hard working person. When I was a student, I published game promotion videos on YouTube. At the end of the year, the most watched Game Play channel was mine. I learned a lot firsthand about digital marketing because of the introduction of Game videos. I'll start talking about what my business idea is. I want to help young people of all ages find the love they seek through my platform.”

"Many domestic and foreign platforms do this. Isn't this a late work?" the banker who looked like Agent Smith said.

“Do you know anyone who finds the love of his life, the soul mate through these platforms?” I asked.

After looking at the other two listeners, Önder Bey said, “you took an unnecessary risk by asking this question, young man. We don't know anyone, but we could have.”

“I know a lot of people who have an intimate relationship with people they meet online, but they're not from dating sites,” said Agent Smith.

“It amazes me that there has not been a satisfactory solution to this problem so far. I'm not just talking about domestic platforms; I've studied the examples abroad in depth. Partner dating sites are experiencing the status of social networks before Facebook. There were a lot of them, and they were partially working, but they had no significant impact on the masses. I'm 29 years old, and I haven't found the woman of my life yet. Technology doesn't help me with that. There are millions of people like me. The problem I'm trying to solve is significant; the life of the people who meet and match the right people is changing. They become better people. They become happier and more productive. Beyond individual happiness, the healthy development of our race depends on matchmaking. My observations show that couples who are passionate about each other have more beautiful and intelligent children. The state, which announces that people should marry, have children and increase the population of the country, is not doing any serious work on this issue. In fact, in a way, it was my luck that they did not take a hand in the matter.”

“Dear Samet, I like the excitement, I agree with you about the importance of the subject. How are you going to do it or what are you going to do differently? Do you have a product in hand? We're running out of time; would you please explain quickly?”

“It makes no sense for people to join a platform and try to choose one from hundreds of candidates as if they were picking a watermelon. People who match each other must have some common, opposite or complementary characteristics. If we knew these features, we would have offered people their ideal partners.”

“Speaking the same language, being in close ages, living in the same city, being from the same social environment, having similar intelligence level is effective,” Önder Bey said, “There was a scientist who models the personality traits of couples. She found four basic personality profiles and made a diagram of their pairing with each other,” he added.

“I consider myself very lucky to have presented to such an informed delegation. I am very relieved to know that you also know there is also an algorithm that will bring together the ideal pairs. ‘Do you have a product,’ you asked. I have an algorithm based on Facebook data. I asked a few of my friends to gather all the Facebook friends' information for me, through the software I gave them. So I've got a sample data set of 1500 people. I've developed a model that aims to find pairs within this set of data. The model I created found 114 of the 343 pairs in the dataset correctly. When modeling, I have to say that I have eliminated obvious parameters, such as last name, common children, a large number of common acquaintances. The algorithm I'm building focuses on faces. I use deep artificial learning techniques. Isn't love born in the face of the other person at first sight? On the one hand, any parameter we speak of can mislead us. There's something magical about love that doesn't fit any models. There are also logical, statistically predictable aspects. I trust my mind, my heart, my data stacks, and my conversations with people. I make more accurate predictions as the day goes by.”

“The idea is good. Well quoted, I think. However, it is an important disadvantage that you do not have a concrete solution to show us. Today, we listened to friends who not only have finished products but started selling their products to the masses. We're at the end of our time. You can say your last sentences,” said Mr. Önder.

“I want to make the world a better place. To do this, I have the knowledge, self-confidence, motivation, and I need your support on this road.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you, my friend. I'm asking you to wait outside for a little time. We will explain our decision after our assessment.”

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