How To Use Your Body Language More Effectively To Communicate

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Since childhood, we have all been aware of the importance of body language, how it influences our lives, and its place in our lives. Now let's get down to business. Let's look at the nuances of body language, what we should do to impress the person in front of us, and the benefits and drawbacks one by one.

Eye contact is one of the most fundamental aspects of communication. Making eye contact with the person you're speaking with shows that you're paying attention and comprehending what they're saying. Your insecurity and nervousness are expressed by averting your gaze downwards. When you raise your eyes while speaking, you are indicating to the other person that you are thinking.


Looking the other person in the eyes while speaking will irritate him. As a result, you should modify the amount of eye contact you make. Staring between the two brows of the person in front of you will give the illusion of looking into their eyes if you can't look into their eyes directly.

You're signalling that you're not listening to the other person and that you don't want to communicate with them. Actively playing with your hands will make you appear nervous. Hiding your hands shows that you are uneasy, and moving them around your face suggests that you are lying. Having your palms facing up and your hands open indicates your seriousness and sincerity.

When someone interlocks their fingers to form a pyramid, you can infer that this person is educated about the subject. To make your body language successful, pay attention to your hands' movements. You use your hands for everything, even when you don't realise it.

While nodding softly while speaking, we communicate attentiveness to the other person. Shaking your head while responding to someone else will make you look dismissive. While listening to others, be sure to acknowledge with phrases like "Yes" or "I understand" and nod your head. To demonstrate your curiosity, you could tilt your head to the side.

Your physical proximity or distance from the other person while speaking should be appropriate. Proper use of body language can provide effective communication at the appropriate distance. It is an 0-45 cm wide private (single) place. Family and friends only. A close personal area is 45 to 60 cm away. This is a private area. As a result, when speaking with the person in front of you, it is best not to breach his personal or private space, and if at all possible, stay at arm's length.


One of the most significant aspects of communicating is your body position. The fact that one's bodily posture is not erect, i.e., stooped over, is interpreted as a sign of insecurity. A physique that is abnormally inclined is an indication of arrogance. Your body's balanced and erect posture can transmit your self-confidence to the opposite side when you apply efficient body language. Shaking your legs when sitting is a symptom of anxiety and insecurity, so don't swing your legs as much as you can.

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