My Five Favourite Places to Have Sex - by Mistress Natashya Monroe

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The bedroom is an okay location for sex; theres a flat bed, it's soft, you're usually already wearing less clothing and you're there for hours. But, giving sex one location can make it boring fast.

My Five Favourite Places to Have Sex:


1.. The living room - a couch can offer the pleasure of a different height for both partners, great gripping areas and ease of switching levels (floor to sofa). The chair is an excellent place for female on top or reverse cowgirl!

2.. In the woods - trees make a great prop to rest hands on a bend over at appx a 2:00 angle. I've found that this setting enables heightened penetration.

3.. Bar style dining chairs - these are my one of my fav places to be on top. The height of the chair gives me the option to keep feet on the bottom rail which reduces the chances of my knees flaring up before I get to cum. The back of the chair is a great support bar to get the body flowing.

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4.. Church yard - it's best you do this at night if you don't want to be caught. There's something extra hot about sex on a church yard. It's a natutal act, nothing wrong with that.

5.. Beach - drink wine, take clothes off, go swimming then fuck like crazy!

The bottom line is that waiting to enjoy yourself until you're in bed, or awkwardly relocating to a bed every time you want to have an orgasm will put a damper on your sex life fast.

Line George Michaels said, "Sex is natural, sex is fun"... enough with the the ridiculous rules!!

Mistress Natashya Monroe


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Interesting list of places @natashyamonroe .

Love natural areas myself, especially trees. A good moss patch makes for a soft interesting texture. Hay bails, though partially abrasive, also give varied heights and good cushion. I really like anywhere with mirrors so I can see both of us from various angles like taking her from behind while being able to see her facial expressions and making eye contact. Course, when it cums right down to it, I'll fuck anywhere anytime I'm in the mood with a willing partner. Lust is powerful like that. Good post hun.

I’ve honestly always wanted to try a more natural scene when having sex. I think you’ve just inspired me darling! -Your new follower! 😘❤️

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