The first 6 chapters of my first book have been released, and the results are...

2년 전
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Mixed. To say the least.

The first chapter was upvoted 1000 times on steemit! :0 (thank you tremendously, fellow steemians)

On the flip side, I have received a few stinging reviews as well from platforms outside of here. I can say the compliments outweigh the critics, but the barbs and arrows of those critiquing can be biting, at times.

I suppose the true measure of success for this project will be from the amount of the story that gets read. On wattpad it has a fairly high completion percentage so far, which is great! My website is trickling in users, and this wave is going to be huge when the dam breaks.

My writing definitely needs editing from an outside source, but that is costly. So it looks like i will just keep releasing The Interface for free! :D

In either case, whether you are enjoying The Interface or not, I appreciate your follows and support!

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