A Little Kindness on Friday

3년 전

We met with this impudent fellow 4 days ago. I sat down to smoke after dinner, not far from the office, and felt like someone was trying to untie the laces on my sneakers. Looking down I saw a small crow.


This arrogant chick just stood in front of me and opened his mouth wide, demanding food, he was not at all afraid. In between demands, he ran to my feet and fawned almost like a lost puppy.

Looking around, I did not notice the presence of his parents, and looking more closely to the bird found that he had some problems with the paw. Blood and curvature. I'm not an ornithologist, but apparently this little guy hurt his paw when he was learning to fly. (Later, I learned that the young crows really learn to fly at the end of June).

I couldn't find something like a crow's nest nearby, didn't notice other crows at all. After waiting for about half an hour, I made a strong-willed decision to take him to the office, because his paw began to bleed heavily.

I was pleased to know that our management is very loyal to animals. All employees (without exception) tried to help, someone ran for fresh meat, others went to the pharmacy for antiseptics. I brought the empty telecommunications cupboard from the warehouse and arranged a temporary home for my new friend.


After four days, Muninn feels much better. Yeah, I named him by the name of one of Odin's ravens. A bit pathetic, considering he's just a hooded crow :)

He still lives in our office, in the afternoon walks and learns to fly, and at night sleeps in a cupboard. I never thought that birds eat so much and poop 10 times more than they eat.


However, we have problems with landing due to a sick paw. Tomorrow we go to the vet. I really hope he has no serious damage and over time, his foot will heal completely, otherwise he can't survive in the wild. In that case, I'll have to find a good place for him.

Like any normal person, I love animals. In our flat live a cat, dog and mouse (chinchilla), a full set. There was a time when we wanted to have a lizard ... but we thought it's time to stop and leave a place in the house for our future children.
I believe that a bird should not live in a closed room, in a cage, it is contrary to their nature. That's why I don't consider the option of living Muninn with me, this will not make him happy.

It turns out crows are very sociable and in their own way, cute. Walking around the office, he constantly comes to my chair and again begins to bite the laces, as in our first meeting. Yesterday he flew on my shoulder, when I was working intently with headphones...my heart almost jumped out.

I think he distinguishes me from the rest and remembers that I found him (that's why Muninn), crows are smart enough for that. I will be sad to say goodbye to him, but I understand that a free animal must remain free, he'll be better off with the other crows.

I already imagine our scene of parting like in the movie “Free Willy” or “Air Bud”. I'll cry and throw stones at him, and he won't want to leave. In any case, it was a wonderful week full of pleasant emotion.

Help the needy animals, they understand and remember the kindness...

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That crow is very lucky it found you.

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Thank you for kind words and support! :)

This is just wonderful. Hope cute lil Mu turns out alright! And hey, you never know. Odin probably already blessed you.


I will drink ale in Valhalla :D