ARE YOU STILL STUCKED IN YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND!! We are talking about all 5 layer of consciousness!!

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Hello everyone!

A new theory of our mind said that our brain has five muscles layer,
1 conscious mind
We are using our conscious mind to do our daily activity.

2 subconscious mind
This mind is much more POWERFULL then conscious one.

3 super consciousness mind.
Wow such a power ! You have never imagine that .

4 collective conscious mind
In this consciousness you are able to move object with your mind powers .

5 cosmic consciousness
There you are able you observe all the universal power, the energy we call god. You will be the god by yourself .

I WILL EXPLAIN YOU EVERY SINGLE EXPLANATION OF EACH CONSCIOUS. My next post will be about consciousness mind.

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Each one shall teach one ! Let’s get all POWERFULL and CREAT a new world !!

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