The power of faith and hope in our lives

4년 전

I have always thought that our present is the result of our actions and decisions, throughout life we ​​are experiencing situations that make us grow and learn depends on us if we take them for good or for bad, but there are also situations that simply do not depend of us as a serious illness for example, and in these situations it is important to have faith, hope to hold on to something that will help us overcome that moment that we do not want to live but that God for some reason put it in our life, we should always have a why continue to fight, life if it has difficult moments but it is beautiful you have to know how to live it, despite the fact that it takes us to be happy we came to the world to celebrate life. Everything has a reason and although at the beginning it is difficult for us to accept things, God is the only one who has an answer to everything.
Let us be happy and live each moment as if it were the last, let's fill our life with faith and hope that is a very important (1).jpg

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I wish you all the best.

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though forcing faith in our lives is another challenge faced by most people in the all world