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Venezuela My Country, a country that despite the circumstances offers wonders of all kinds, in this section I want to try some of the best nature, diversity is so great that without leaving here we have a variety of alternatives, such as beaches some of the most beautiful that I have visited and recommend is mochima in Anzoátegui state its waters are so blue that you do not differentiate the water of the sky really the game of colors that it offers leaves you breathless, another landscape that I enjoyed was in Merida where It is necessary to recommend traveling along its magnificent roads, the Merida moors, where there are good hotels and restaurants. In Ejido you have to visit the Venezuela of Anteayer and in Mucuchies the small village of Los Aleros, Both this one and the previous one have been created to show us how we lived in a Venezuela that we left.
Finally, one of the ones that left me with a wonderful experience was when I visited Canaima in the Bolivar state, we really fell short of the beautiful landscapes, I remember the first night where we could observe the stars in all their splendor were endless, when We crossed the Venezuelan plains and of course the contact with its people, the plateaus, the jumps, the rivers of truth that has much to offer, the contact you achieve with nature is indescribable.

Venezuela are GREATIMG-20180219-W.jpg

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