Thoughts in my head # 37 or not to be separated from the earth...

4년 전

Why are many people separated from the earth, like trees after a hurricane, like seeds that will never sprout, but will continue to circulate forever. It was hard for me to ground myself, to stop. Almost all of us live in an illusory world, where you only need to think about where to live and what to eat and it is desirable to do it in run, even to sleep in run.

Of course, this is undoubtedly important, but in pursuit of goods very often there is not enough time for simple truths. When I was raised by my parents, I remember everything was from love from a state of happiness. We got joy from every moment of our existence (barefoot in puddles, a hill with a cliff). Agree, breathtaking!

Becoming an adult, I began to beware and think that I'm in danger everywhere (although it's strange why?). Barefoot in a puddle ?? Fuuuu, it is dirty, and even if it is clean but suddenly maybe there are a glass pieces. And suddenly when I go down from the hill I'll fall, hurt myself, and so on. And why actually it should happen "suddenly"?

After all, it lives only in my head. And if so: what if I fly of the hill and catch my spirit and return to the state of childhood? It's great! Red cheeks, a smile on the face, enthusiasm and sparks in the eyes. Here it is happiness! Not be afraid to take it! I prescribe everyone to enjoy every moment: from the child who smile at you, from the rain gaily knocking on the roofs, from the bright sun, from the smile of your loved ones and not only. We are created to love, to be happy and do not have to invent sorrow. Learn from children.

The tree has accepted the earth, the roots have grown, the living has joined. Why can not I accept connections with the world?

I can!





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beautiful words .. We must learn gratitude
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

Great photos and impressive thoughts and ideas on your writing. We have connections to make the world go round...

"learn from the children" that about sums the message up. Your composition is beautiful, it certainly uplifted my spirit just reading it


Thank you so much! :)

In this life there are only 3 periods

  1. The past, the time when we were little kids who always cheerful and that time will never come back.
  2. The present, the period we are currently living, hard or happy we have to face with like or not.
  3. Future. Then plan everything to welcome a more beautiful future.

I liked that you laid out life on points. I agree, perhaps :) But there are things in our life that do not fit into the framework :)

This is really an ancient artefact but what bothers me this day is that do they get the attention or respect they deserve during those days

This is a well written post full of poetic notions. I enjoyed reading the way your words flowed. I also love the way it was a personal viewpoint and still relatable to the reader. Great article!


Thank you so much! Sometimes it is very difficult for me to express my thoughts in a foreign language. I'm glad that I did it! :)

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Nice photo :)