Visiting one of Hispaniola's smaller Islands.

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Arriving at Catalina Island

The Island of La Hispaniola shared by Haiti & The Dominican Republic have many smaller Islands near their coasts. For this visit I was on the Dominican side witch has many Islands and Cays.

Here are 4 of the largest.
  • Saona: - The largest of all with about 50 families living on one side and other side used for tourists and beach

  • Beata: - The furthest from mainland also making it harder for
    commute, uninhabitable due to its high and rough terrain mostly sharp limestone's,
    sink holes and mangroves, although the island was inhabited with Tainos when discovered,
    now the Island is sometimes used by brave fisher men, the Dominican Army and wildlife.

  • Catalina: - One and a half miles from mainland and just 9.6 km2 in size. Named Santa Catalina by Columbus.

  • Alto Velo: - Small and inhabitedat just 1km2
    Fun fact: USA once claimed the Island due to interest on making fuel out of (Guano) bird excrement from a large
    population of birds living on the island.Source.

And many more smaller islands and Cays.

The Catalina Island is the third largest called Toeya by Tainos, named Santa Catalina by Christopher Columbus.

The Island Once a private haven/playground for the Dictator's son at the time Ramfis Rafael Trujillo.
Due to a large population of mice Ramfis brought a large amount of raccoons (not native to the islands) to "erase" the mice population witch in a few years backfired because mice and raccoon's learned to share the island together.
Now in the current years the island is used by small part of the Army and mostly tourists brought by tour guides and yes! the raccoons still remain and people are told to stay away from them to avoid diseases.

Here I dropped some pictures of my visit.

Photos shot with:

iPhone 8 Plus

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I hope you guys enjoyed the post

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I hope you enjoyed the beach quite a bit.

love those colorful houses.. island life is the best life!


Totally agree! and yes the vivid colors make it more special.

This looks awesome, wish I could be there too :D


It was fun, Hope you get a chance to visit the Caribbean one day.
Thanks for reading my post.

¡Great post! Beautiful pics :)


Thank you so much :)

good place good photography


Thank you brother!


Totally agree!
And yes the vivid colors
Make it more special.

                 - necio

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