Eyes shiny and bold face, heart hot, white bathrobes! - 2

2년 전

I had only one question: why it is impossible to photograph those people who really work in this or that Department?
Why do we (OK, OK, "young and beautiful")...
But why did we and all the departments at once?
I think only a fool will not understand that the pictures and staging.
"Station wagons", everywhere and immediately...
The organizers from me only a hand dismissively - "I don't understand".

In the end, in one of the departments, after all, is approached by an elderly lady and began to swing right.
They say that our "old" not worse.

Now half of the Institute hates us :(
Remember, some try not to walk...

One positive moment was in this all.
In white coats - we all smiled awkwardly parted, looked curiously after them, trying to get acquainted.
I guess we thought we were serious people... (or the exterminator?...) :D
As soon as you change into casual clothes-immediately again all lost interest in us.

On Friday, LENCA's Secretary ran to me.
And under all defiantly-happily waved her flash drive.

The originals, unfortunately, share does not have the right to General access.
But a couple of "selfcal" light can :)

It is we, with that same ill-fated Lenka :D

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