This Is the Valueable Thing In the Universe ?

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Let Me Know What You Think Is if you disagree?

Human Consciousness

You Are reading This because You Have Human Consciousness

Your own Human Consciousness Is so Rare that it will Be gone in a Blind of an Eye in The Time of The Universe.

What it is it so strange I cant not even understand it

You did not ask for it but you have a mind that can process thoughts and feelings.

Its took years to develop and can be gone in a instant

Its takes a lot of Energy to keep it going kcals everyday.

Its needs a body of organs and blood.

It needs 8 hours of sleep a day.

There is no other known Human Consciousness in the known Universe.

Its hard to maintain everyday millions of cells working together

How was this created from Nothing ?

A Great Mystery Who put the rules in places for this

Why does it exist in the first Place ?

Questions that as Human's We Want to know but In reality Will Never know

Enjoy Your Human Consciousness Because its Unique and its not Something that can not be kept It will be gone some day

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I would maybe say life.


Life yeah consciousness

@newmarket65, Absolutely right, Human Consciousness is really an amazing aspect and it's so precious that our words are not enough because, our consciousness interprets things which stay around us and our Subconscious mind always showcase those aspects which are imaginative and specially we can take an example of Dreams when we talk about the Subconscious mind.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Very true


Thank you. 🙂