Solar Eclipse Photos - No Glasses Necessary.

3년 전

What started out as a potentially disappointing scenario, turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise!

As 1:30pm EST approached, the skies were overcast and cloudy over the western Pennsylvania region. There was even a rumble of thunder in off to the north. How disappointing! I've always has a love for astronomy and the opportunity to see a near-full eclipse was going to be ruined by a bunch of rain clouds!

As it turned out. These clouds provided just enough shielding so that I and my girls could watch the 2017 Solar Eclipse with our naked eyes. No Glasses Required!



Here are a couple of close up shot.



Move out of the way, bird!


What a memorable event! And what a blessing that we could see it and take pictures!

All I can say is that we're looking forward to 2024, when Pittsburgh PA gets a 97% eclipse!


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Nice pictures! What camera did you use to take them?

Amazing. .. Thankyou for @nikethemutt

Very nice pictures! Thank you. Glad you got to see it without glasses. I didn't know that was possible, even with the clouds. That is awesome for you and your girls! yay!

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Those photos came out great, @nikethemutt! And no glasses required, awesome.

I thought I was fortunate to have clear skys when recorded the eclipse from TN today. Like you, I did it without glasses. Unlike your photos, mine did show a prominent shape.

What an event either way! I too am looking forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Crystal clear here in MI, but we couldn't see a thing without eye protection. @ironshield

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nice view! plus the shadow clouds from @kp138.. perfect!

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Great shots! I love the second one,looks like the clouds opened up just for the shot! Upvoted! 😊
Check out mine here if you'd like

@nikethemutt absolutely amazing!

Great shots. Loved them all!
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cool pics ... upvoted & resteemed

This happened for us up in NH as well! We had a slight cloud cover and our view was 69%....I just angled my camera slightly side-ways and boom, same pic you got, Amazing!

awesome photos. I was in Charleston, SC. We were last in line of totality. Just enough cloud cover so we could watch and the clouds opened up right as totality hit. Really cool experience.

rad. yeah i saw it in Idaho, super clear skys. what you got was almost cooler because you could look at the sun through the clouds without saftey glasses