10 photographs that hide stories that will make a knot in your heart.

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In the world around us there are very bad things that are extremely difficult to deal with. With these 10 stories, we only want to remind you that everything I live on our planet is composed of goodness, and we, the people, were created to be together in difficult times and to take care of each other.

1. A woman shared a photo that shows how Alzheimer's disease changed the mind of her mother.


A user of Reddit under the pseudonym of wuillermania shared a heartrending photo with 14 different pieces that her mother had woven. The difference between the first carefully ordered square and the last piece of confused thread is 2 years. Only this time took Alzheimer's disease to completely destroy this woman's mind.

The post instantly gathered too many comments: users expressed their support for the woman's family and shared their stories about how this terrible disease has affected their families.

"I want to thank you for the kind words and messages I have received," the author of the post wrote in the comments. "And I want to wish strength to those who also face this"

2. A US designer He gave this butterfly the chance to fly.


Before leaving this world, Romy's mother said to her: "Every time you see a butterfly, you will know that I am flying to see you." This happened a few years ago, Romy's mom was diagnosed with cancer. After this, the girl decided to try to make as many butterflies as possible.

When she found caterpillars in her garden, she carried them inside a special fish tank so that they could grow and turn into butterflies. Romy, no doubt, was happy to let them go. But once, she noticed that one of her butterflies had come into this world with a damaged wing.

At first, she wanted to keep it so that it would not die on the outside. But later, a friend sent her an instruction on how to repair the wing of a butterfly, says Romy.

This seemed difficult, but the girl managed to repair the wing so that the butterfly could fly: "at some point I thought it had not worked, the butterfly was just lying on the grass. But, as soon as I approached, the butterfly flew. "

3. A football star is having lunch with a boy that other children reject because of autism.


This moving photograph was shared by the boy's mother. She wrote that, although her son is kind and friendly, the other children kept distance with him since he is autistic. Almost always, he lunches alone. But, one day, the boy's mother received this picture of her friend: "This is Travis Rudolph, a football player, and he's having lunch with your son!"

The boys met, they had lunch together and then other players from their team arrived to chat with the boy.

"I do not know why you decided to have lunch with my son, but we are very grateful and we will never forget this," wrote the boy's mother on Facebook.

4. A soldier at the funeral of his best friend.


Kyle saw for the first time the German shepherd named Bodza during a military operation. They worked together and quickly became true friends. Bodza was a specially trained dog to search for explosive devices and, in the time of your service, saved more than one life.

"I brought him home the same day he finished his service because of his age," says Kyle. "Bodza was a surprising dog: a good companion, he loved to play, and his loyalty knew no borders."

But, after a while, Bodza was found to have a terminal illness, it was difficult for him to walk and even just stand on his feet. The dog lived in constant pain. "I decided to sacrifice him because life for him had become intolerable." The day this happened, Kyle surely knew he needed to be close. "I hugged him when he left, and for the last time, he smiled at me. It seemed like he had experienced a real relief. " The soldier still keeps a photograph of his friend in plain sight.

5. An old man who burned his house, hugs his kitten.


In a fire, Ali, a pensioner from a Turkish village, and his family lost everything: their house burned to ash. But, fortunately, nobody was hurt, the pensioner even managed to leave his house with his kitten. When the house was on fire, he found and took his friend. The images in which the old man cries hugging his kitten in the back of the fire place flew all over the world, and people simply admired his actions.

The authorities came to the rescue of Ali and his family, who had been left without a roof. They built a new house for them, where they now live happily together with their pet.

6. The father of this girl asked the Internet users to modify the photo of their daughter.


"Please 'photoshope': after a long battle, my daughter has passed away. She spent all her life in hospitals, so we do not have a single photograph to remember her where she is without tubes. Please can anyone remove the tubes from this photo? " This was the petition published on the Reddit site by Sofia's father, who left this world only 6 weeks after his birth.

After a while, a multitude of edited photographs and drawings appeared on the website. "We wanted only a photo as a souvenir, but an incredible crowd of people sent us their photographs, drawings and words of encouragement. I am very moved, "wrote Sofia's father.

7. A cadet fulfilled his dream: he finished the military academy and became a fighter pilot.


At the graduation ceremony at West Point, one of the recent graduates could not stop crying.

When Idrache, a simple boy from Haiti, came to the United States, he spoke poor English and did not even expect to realize his dream of becoming a pilot. "There, where I am from, people do not become a pilot and dream of simpler things. We were not rich, but my parents did everything to get an education, "shared Idrache. Finally, Idrache performed military service, entered one of the most prestigious military academies in the world and his dream came true.

"I only thought about the people who had been in my place before and had taken their oath, and I could not contain my emotions," confessed the now pilot.

8. Santa Claus comforts a child whose father has a serious illness.


When 12-year-old Jacob approached Santa, he did not ask for toys or a new device, his only wish for Christmas was his father's recovery. The last two years, Jacob's father, named Jason and who was an electrician, had spent them in a hospital.

The photograph was taken by an accidental passer-by and shared on social networks. He compiled many comments and reactions. The users, moved by the concern of this child for his father, organized a collection of money for his treatment.

9. More than 100 pilots arrived at the funeral of the daughter of one of their colleagues, who died during a school shooting.


This photograph was made on the day of Gina Rose's funeral, victim of the Parkland shooting. On this difficult day for Gina's parents, more than 100 pilots from different airlines came to express their condolences and honor the memory of this young woman. By placing themselves all on a line with their uniforms, these people became a true example of solidarity and union.

10. In this photo, a mother who lost her baby and a baby that was left without parents.


During the birth, this mare lost her foal. A couple of days later, they brought him a colt whose mother had died not so long ago. The photograph was taken after an hour of meeting.

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