We tell you the stories of celebrities who have suffered bullying in their childhood

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The fact that now they are very handsome, talented and successful, does not mean that previous years to Hollywood life everything was a path of flowers and many colors. These celebrities, like many children in the world, were also victims of bullying.

But they are standing and they have become an inspiration for the little ones, carrying a very strong message so that this does not continue happening; we tell you the story of these 10 celebrities who experienced bullying in their childhood.

1. Megan Fox


She prefers to be a bit away from the cameras for now, but at the time was in the focus of all to be considered a sex bomb. In her time as a child, Megan had no friends and in the period of her adolescence, she faced many negative comments.

She said that those experiences made her create a "protective shell" and that's how she survives in Hollywood.

"They accused me of wearing false eyelashes and wearing contact lenses to alter the color of my eyes. I was small, I was seven or eight years old and those criticisms seemed incredible to me?" 

She said in an interview for El Mundo.

2. Robert Pattinson


The remembered Edward Cullen told Univision that he also experienced bullying:

"I was in a school in England and my supposed friends laughed at me and even beat me because I wanted to be an actor, a Hollywood actor. It was a very uncomfortable and difficult situation for me, I felt bad. "

At that time nobody was there to lend a hand to Robert, but as he said, "luckily, I managed to overcome everything and now I fulfill my dreams"

3. Jennifer Lawrence


Apparently, JLaw did not fit anywhere and was always changing schools.

"I went through many schools, because in elementary school some girls were bad with me. In secondary they were less heavy, because I was doing well (...) Even though a girl once gave me invitations of her birthday, to which I was not invited, so she could give them out ".

But she sent a message to those who go through situations like these: "Do not worry about those bitches, because you'll find people of that type throughout your life."

4. Justin Bieber


In 2012 JB suffered bullying from his classmates. And beyond staying with arms crossed, he understood what this topic was all about, collaborated with his music in a documentary where he shows the reality of bullying in schools.

"You always have to report what happens, whether you are a victim or witness, if not, the suffering is much more intense and hope is lost."

5. Eminem


The iconic Marshall Bruce Mathers had a very hard childhood, he lived experiences that he will never forget.

"The blows they gave me are not forgotten, I think I still feel them. They always grabbed her against me and the truth, I do not know why. Nobody helped me, I did not find support. My colleagues hit me in the bathrooms, in the corridors, in front of the lockers, wherever I was"

He told Huffington Post that just Not afraid is a topic that talks about the abuses he had to endure as a child.

6. Demi Lovato


So many offenses that Demi received at school, she had to leave and did not want to go back there anymore.

"I remember the hard times that I went through and that caused me problems that I have to overcome with the day to day? The straw that broke the camel's back was one day I was in the bathroom and the lights went out. I could not turn them on again because I had to have a password in a separate part of the school (...)? I called my mother crying and told her that I did not want to go back to school anymore. It was a very hard time. I was alone"

Her story has served to help others get out of the hole in which she felt, and encourages them to ask for help because they are not alone.

7. The Rock


In the puber stage of Dwayne Johnson was not that great physique and those muscles. He confessed that he was simply a clumsy young man who did not know what to do with his life.

"I was very clumsy and many teenagers when they reach 13 and 14 have identity crisis. I did not know very well who I was and I was harassed until I responded, I punched the stalker and then I ran very fast. "

Maybe he ran so much that he went through football and WWE giving out madrasas to everyone who crossed his path.

8. Selena Gomez


The singer confessed that she suffered from her stay at Disney. He also told that at least once a week he removes Instagram from his phone so as not to run into the bad comments that go beyond being told that he is "ugly" or that he is "fat".

9. Lady Gaga


Years ago he told the Huffington Post that when he was simply Stefani (real name), his classmates made fun of her because of how she looked.

"My big nose, my curly brown hair and my overweight marked everything. They never hit me, much less, but the offenses that they did hurt me more. They gave me nicknames that I will never forget, but I prefer to reserve myself. "

But Gaga is another of those celebrities who undertook the fight against bullying, and she takes it very seriously, because she created the Born This Way foundation to combat bullying on social networks.

10. Blake Lively


In his Instagram account, he recently published that he was still hallucinating with everything he experienced as a child.

"The boys used to make fun of me in elementary school by calling me Big Bird (because I was" too tall "and had" yellow "hair). The things that once hurt you."

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