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Hey everybody,



VR art challenge.

...Some months ago we started in Berlin a VR art challenge with 28 artists, lots of hours, fun, blood, stress and so much creativity!

check the link for infos:

It is done! We just had a great exibition at the VR-Lounge in Berlin with a lot of people and great artworks in VR!
... the big surprise at the exhibition was that everyone took 1st place at the end and everybody won a lot of great prices! (Super fair, i loved the decision!)
Amongst other things the great brand new OCULUS QUEST VR glasses, keys to some programs, some free hours at the VR-Lounge , and more .... and of course a lot of experience!

BIIIIIIIG THANKS TO Miguelangelo Rosario <3 ...THANK YOU SO MUCH! ... he made all this possible, spend so much time, patience and money in this challenge!

Check his works! This guy is amazing!

...THANKS A LOT to all the supporters, sponsors, helpers and guests... you are awesome!

...I am very greatful to be part of this challenge, i learned a lot, i had a lot of fun, I have met great, new people and artists, I WON and I can not wait to work with my new VR glasses and I'm looking forward to the future.

See my VR artwork here:

Here is also a picture:


check it :D


Cant wait to create new works in VR and playing around...



Thank you so much for watching and support!


check also:





Shop Vida

PEACE and love,

-edga NOWARGraffitis


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That's cool, @nowargraffities :D What a fun contest it seems! And it's nice that everyone won 1st place, too :D And won cool prizes !!! :D :D :D Congratulations \o/


super fair, yes :)

lots of hours, fun, blood, stress and so much creativity
Okay, what's that about blood? I bet it's fun XD

Anyway, it must be a great event! I've never tried doing art with VR yet, but I saw someone does that and it looked difficult and kinda uncomfortable already. But I still want to try it and see for myself some time. The one you made looks nice, it's like a platform of a game level ^^


...its fun :D

...the oculus quest it pretty comfortable and easy to handle. i dont like this kind of stuff because of all the cams and micros everywhere but i want to work with it and maybe i can create a game level or something ;)
...will see.

thank you :)