What are you sowing?

6개월 전


In life, there is time for everything. The time for seed sowing and the time for harvest. You cannot sow rice and expect a harvest of cassava. However, two people can sow rice and have different amounts of harvest due to the quality of the soil, specie of the seeds, etc.

Our life's experience function that way too. A lot of things you did in the past are responsible for where you are today. Yes, it is true that life happens sometimes, but our chances of contributing to where we find ourselves in life are very high.

What you do, how you the things you do, the time you do the things you do and where you do the things you do, all contribute to the type of results you should be expecting.

Your time is your life. Whatever you do with your time, you do with your life. Whatever you dedicate your time to, that is what you are sowing into your life.

Anytime I remember that whatever I do with my time, I do with my life, it makes me fear wasting my time because if I waste my time, I waste my life.

Now, the big question is, what are you doing with your time? In other words, what are you doing with your life? Or perhaps, what you sowing into your life?

Thank God It's Friday!

Happy Weekend Friends!

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