The Quest!

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Today is Sunday and unlike most of my neighbours, I didn't go to church.

I live in a Christian dominated society and Sunday morning is a special time to go worship their God. For a while now, I have not been going to church for some reasons. 

Although I have lost interest in going to church, it became intense again when I forced myself to go and what I met was the pastor telling the congregation how bad things would happen to them if they don't pay their tithes. That repelled me a lot.

This morning, my Catholic neighbour who is just coming back from church has already given her female child-servant the special gift she gives her every time. And what's that gift? 

Humiliation and Torture! 

She hits her every time and uses all manner of abusive words on her. Yet, she is someone who disturbs the entire neighbourhood with her religious practices.

For a long time now, I have been trying to rediscover myself. I don't want to continue living by the description of other people. I want to stop being who they call me or made me believe I am. 

However, the more I dig deep to understand, the more obscure life looks. Here are some of the things I'm really trying to understand on my own. 

I am a Christian, but what made me a Christan? I was born into it and I have been evolving around that direction. What if I wasn't born into any religion at all? Would I have still turned to Christianity anyway? 

I have also realized that in so many ways, the world rewards evil doings. Yet it boils down to what each individual presumes to be evil. A very confusing statement. Right?

Furthermore, I have been having life issues that I have been praying about for a long time. Some were met naturally, some got supernatural answers and others are left untouched. This still troubles me. Even those who don't pray or believe in anything get better things of life. 

There is a lot of awakening going on among my tribesmen and some people are going back to our ancestral beliefs, but realizing and using your spiritual abilities as a true African is often seen as evil here. 

I have a lot of questions seeking answers as regards to spirituality, life, true essence of life, life after death, real facts about history, etc. 

Why I am doing this?

I don't want to continue answering the name another person called me. I seek to know myself, but the deeper I go, the more obscure it becomes. 

Now, I seem to understand why some people don't give a damn about religion, morality, ethics or even The Existence of God.

But does it mean all these things don't matter? Is life all about doing what favours you or makes you happy? I am yet to find answers!

Much love from me to y'all. 

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I wish we have functional child protection services in Nigeria. Your neighbour should be reported to such people. I hate people who maltreat children in their care just because they can get away with it. If you report to the police, you may even get arrested for your effort! What should we do in such circumstances? You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. We need a system that works. This maltreatment is still an issue that not many people are interested in. We talk about modern-day slavery, and right under our noses, people are practising it. We see it in underage children hawking goods in traffic when they should be in school, the neighbours that turns the help into a boxing bag, the nanny that is left the crumbs to eat and treated as a second-class citizen in the house with the oga's (the boss) children going to school while she's left at home cleaning the house and washing oga's vehicle, etc.


I wish so too! I wish there is something I can do to help the poor little girl.


I was about mentioning @greenrun lol oh coincidence


You'll soon land into trouble with this type of votes begging.

Religion is scam because religious and political leaders are using it for their selfish interest, love for humanity is the real thing. We are divided into beliefs and doctrines rather than love and unity.



My dear the meaning and the power in your name only should tell you how might God loves you, I wish I can have just few minutes word's with you believe me you case I will be different


I'll give you my contact. Are you on discord?


My dear it's not a blockchain discussion, it's a one on one talk

Sincerely I can't tell you how much what you said here means to me. Since the beginning of 2018 ive only gone to church once, and this one time i went all the pastor could preached about was signs you are under spiritual attack. What vexed me the most was that the so-called signs this so-called man of God gave are normal scientifically proven situations that could happen to anyone. Signs like "eating in your dreams", "having sex in your dream", "walking by and your body catches a cobweb" and what not. All this so-called men of God do is manipulate and deceive the highly susceptible congregation.

Life is complex yet simple depending on what you are going through and the decisions you make. Personally I think one needs a personal relationship with God and whatever anyone does should not be a marker or benchmark of any religion or faith. Seek and you find, ask and you shall be given, knock and the door will be open for you. Keep faith.


Depends on what you believe to be your God. Who made you believe he is God? How did you find out about him? How do you go about having a personal relationship with him?


All the questions you asked are good questions unfortunately I may not be able to answer all but as for how I found out about him, the truth is he found me. I do hope we could have a personal talk over this sometime. Stay blessed.


There are many things you can't answer about yourself and Many mysteries the scientist can't hold unto, this means there is a mystery hidden from men that only someone more superior than human holds and I believe that person is God.

Sadly most religions today are not obeying what is told in the bible @ogoowinner Tithing (or giving 10% )is not for the Christians to obey, it is for the Israelites. The rule for Christians is to give what their heart dictates otherwise the widow who gave all her money did not do tithes but all her money which is 100% at that time. Jesus saw that and gave her the praise of uplift.
Check they have bible expositions live on youtube.

The level of child abuse in Nigeria is unphanthomable. We have so many problems it's difficult to even focus on which to attack. If you want to push it further, ther are some NGOs that handle issues like this. I cant quite recall any right now, but maybe I can find out.

As for your faith, I'll give an unpopular opinion @ogoowinner, quit Christianity if you feel it makes no sense. The worst form of lies is to yourself. For 5 years I stopped going to church when I was going through something similar, it helped me access my faith. I can say I believe in Jesus now, and it's entirely by Choice.

About the Child Abuse, there's regulatory body I know that monitors cases like this or similar to this. It's NAPTIP, it has branches in major regions in Nigeria and are always ready to perform their duties.
As per Spiritually, this is a complicated issue and as it sound, Spiritual, it something we should be careful when talking about because just the words we speak is a spirit.
I had times in my life when I had to just live myself not minding religion, but I always come back to God.
Religion is a personal race whether Christianity or others and to that of Christianity, there are various Faith, the issue comes with what Faith your comfortable with, that's why of various gifts, we were given that spirit of discernment.
Your choice of religion or Faith shouldn't be based on another man's way of life for in the end we came differently...
So my Sister @ogoowinner, please work with your spirit... And Pls how can I reach you, I'll need to have a talk with you....

Religion isn't the church or mosque people go, religion is worship, religion is sacrifice and religion love.

Love is God, worship is your supplication, sacrifice is giving what you have.
To join it all religion is giving your all for God's name to be glorify in your life. And how can you accomplish that,, look up to God as an example and not men. If you stop going to church because men display their sinful nature then it's men you are serving and not God. You have never stopped being good because men are bad, why then will men's greed , sins and doing stop your worship in his sanctuary. Please staying at home do no good. You might have had your experience and pain but please don't let it be a standard to serve God

Sometimes I wonder why a woman who is even a mother will I'll treat or maltreat another child all in the name of is not her child.