Never think it is too late.

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An old man bought a bicycle, the first in his life and he decided to share the testimony in the church of God. People started laughing and making jokes about it, but the question is. Is it too late to achieve?


My aunty started primary school at the age of 16 ,when she as fully grown and has reached her puberty. She started schooling when people of her age are already at university. But now she is a graduate and a qualified nurse. May be its too late.


In life we have to be more determined in order to be successful, people tend to count it for you, your age. You are yet to get married, don't you know your age. Some of your mate have bought their second car, you are still roaming about. Those are the words that will be coming out from them.

Though it is good to make hay why the sun shines but situations and circumstances changes our plans at times and there is nothing we can do than to accept the faith and keep working hard.

Life is spherical, what face you may turns back to others. The most important thing is we getting to our desire destiny. Those that you are looking up front, who overtake you may also stumbled and you will pass besides them.

Never look down on yourself, it's never too late for you to archive.

Thank you so much for your time

I'm @ohakfarm

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