"Life Path" {Fourth Part}

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Hi guys.What's up! Today I am posting after about 10 or 11 days .Its because of my exams and for sickness also.Let's continue this series...

Let's get this started...

Tack, Tack, Nej tack:

Like our country, there are no guards in the country, but in the winter it is possible to get out of the house, school, college or office gate itself will have to open itself and go inside. Since coming here, when someone opens the gate and inside, looking at the back, if someone is there, if anyone is there, then he will open the gate and wait. It's a good courtesy.

I was not too old, I was coming to school early in the morning, a girl opened the gate before me, seeing me, she stood by the door, I got into the door and I went ahead and walked back to the jackpot from the back and looked back, girl very serious, I You opened the door, you did not tell me to stay

I have curled my face and said.


From now on it has become a habit of saying "stay" and "no," in every word it comes out. One of my class students in college, one day while looking at me, looking at me, you stay a little more, be sure to say

Yes, this is your caliber, I learned from you.

She does not mean that you are so fast, you make it a fool.

Slowly said, you have something that is authentic?

Our svenska teacher, he was very nice on Swedish calicars, he used to talk in a simple and straightforward way of talking like me. One day he talked about the use of human beings. He said, "Do not think that a guest is a real gift, you do not like wearing a gift. , But you should express such excitement in such a way that you have not had so much good gift before, if you have any clothes for you. Htay wear, if any supica attention so that once we put in place. He will be very happy in this. After that he can leave it after leaving or you can leave it somewhere in Aral. It is our Calicut of Sweden.

The girl was beside me, I turned around and looked at him, how it seemed to be the face, I felt ashamed.


I got a lot of good people in this little life, who helped me in different ways in different ways, to move forward. Similarly, Dr. Thomas, he is a British citizen, my college teacher. He was my class teacher for the first two years of college.

Here the students from the school to the college are usually called twice a year. The class teacher took every student with his Gurjianas, writing about him, how to attend school, behave with others, speaks openly and encourages them, and advises, if you have any suggestions or advice given by the Guardian or the student.

When I was called for the first time in college, they would never talk negatively at first. Dr. Tomas and it's not a distinction. He started to say first, you have done well in all things, you have done better than I did not expect, you have an interest in writing your writing. It is very good, many questions to the teacher in the class, it is also very good, But your problem is that you do not mix your classmates with you freely, I've noticed that you keep yourself constricted all the time, but I hope it is slowly What will happen?

You have a hoop in your eyes, I see it in the face, I also love it. I try it too much, so I would like to say a little more, I would not say this to any Swedish student, or I would not have told you if I used to be a Swede myself.

I was quite surprised to hear his words carefully.

You have done well in all things, but with this good you can not touch your dream.

Why not

If you can hold your results for the next three years if you are in Swedish, you should reach your desired goal but you are inward. You still do not understand the amount of discamination that is there, you can understand the many weeds in front of you, whether it is a good substance. Or job These people will know that you are not Swedish when they see your family name.

Anyway, if you are another Swedish if you are of the same quality, then you go away, and sometimes your point is slightly higher than that of Swedish, and sometimes you will get stuck in a lottery. You need to work a lot more to reach your desired goal. .

You have hope, you can try my best wishes, just keep your hope in front of you. Even after this, he has contracted with him several times, he has always received encouragement and courage from him who is in the way of my walk.

                                                                                    (To Be Continued)

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Hope you felt good  with this series.Sorry for the Grammer problems.And this is collected story.

Thanks to everyone.Specially to @adsactly .This is a community where you can work together and get help for any problem or suggestion of steemit. So,yeah if you want to get the support of their community.you're always welcome to their discord channel...

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                                                      Lets Work Together

Thanks for reading.And also don't forget to upvote,comment and resteem for sure... 

Until next>>> PEACE <<<     

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