"Life Path" {Third Part}

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Hi guys.What's up!Thanks to everyone for the support.This account have hit 400 followers.Thanks for the help.Let's continue the series.

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When I was born in the world, I have a birthday, no one has ever wished me this day, nobody would ever think of it, but I do not earn gift from my brothers, sisters, friends, when I need something later, it is not a birthday, Never before birthday I do not care when my birthday goes any way.

I was met with Monika in October, year round, on September 7, my birthday. It's been talked twice in our phone.

Sleeping at 5 o'clock on the 7th of September, after eating prayers at the end of the prayer, kalam and eating breakfast, there was no hurry so that I did not have school. The ring is on my phone, the name of Monica on the skin is a little surprising, Monica in the morning! I was not aware of my birthday today.

To receive the phone call, Monika voices

Ja, må han leva!

Ja, må han leva!

Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år!

Javisst ska han leva!

Javisst ska han leva!

Javisst ska han leva uti hundrade år! ( birthday song  in Sweden)

Then I noticed today 7th September, I get stuck, I can not say anything.

Monica: I know, you do not bother me at night, so do not bother you at night, at 12: 01, I took the pool with cake on your birthday.

Emotion comes with water and throat in my eyes, someone can remember me on my birthday! I say no to the throat, millions of lives, Monica.

My mother was very happy that my mother never wished me like this on my birthday, but my mother saw me praying for the night of every child's birthday and praying fast.

Then did not think there was any more surprise.

We have been posting from here from Friday 9/11 to Friday. On this day, I got a post in my name from Monikar. Opening the letter, I received a card and 200 crores, a mother told a lot of love to her daughter, at last, I could not eat anything by sitting beside you on your birthday, you buy a cake with this money and eat all of the house, while talking, Monica said something about me Did not say

16 years ago, I had a lot of money in Sweden's 100 corners, and I do not have anything to do with 1000 crores now. Monika is not only 200 crores of 200 crores, but here are the mom's affection, affection and love. Can I give that money to a shopkeeper !! Now I have never spent the money, I can not afford to spend it, whenever there is a mindset, take out the money with my cheeks, there is no scent, I feel the sweetness of my mother and the smell of love, and thinks that I am one of the people on Sweden's Ajpara, Children love me as much as I love.

This year also, by making a wish to begged on the dawn, I went outside. The park is parked at three (beside the entrance door to my garage home), the Arabian boy in the flower shop knows me well because I go to him sometimes, he calls me the caster, the caster, and I want to point out the hand. After leaving, a flower taura said to the Happy Birthday.

I am not able to raise my hand, I know today how my life is, and why do you give me flowers?

I do not know how I will! A woman called Monika from Kirana yesterday afternoon, she ordered this flower tray for you and told you to reach. I went to your house in the morning you were not there, so I came back, Monica wanted me to give it to you. The water came out with joy.

No, I will not take flowers.

Why is the boy surprised?

The flowers will be left after a few days, you give me a tree, that will be for a long time.

You can take it. Then I got this tree.

Monica is not one of the famous, slightly educated schoolteacher in Sweden. To me he is a mother of Mom. What could be a greater honor than a woman.

There is not a single incident as well, but it was also there that one day I was walking outside a while, while an old woman is going to market, she is walking on the rollout, there is a market in the street in Roaldathar, it seems she is having trouble. When I see a woman coming in front of me, I look at her, she is wearing my eyes, I have learned a lot from her and smiled a little more towards her if she needs some help.

But the woman did me again, she got angry, looked at me why !!!! I'm old, so my skin has gone astray, so laughs at me !!!

One day you will be such a scoundrel.

Life is not too big, but I have seen different languages, different types of people, people of different nationalities, and may be left to see, how strange people are in the world.

                                                                                        (To Be Continued)

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