"Midnight" {Second Part}

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Hi guys.What's up!Today I have come with the a new part of a story.Hope you will find this good and awsome.

Let's get this started...

A woman standing in white in the middle of the street, standing in white gold, stood there. One of the blood lying rolling through the eyes of his blood Another eye has looked at their cars. What an evil shadow surrounds its surroundings. Mithun was so scared that he was looking for a car to look at the woman. The same condition to everyone else. That's what is happening!

Tarique's newly purchased Toyota Elión Car Bumper hit the woman's body after being heavily loaded. Before the scene of the knife where the body fell, the car has come very far. Brake Radial Gemini. They're all coming from the car. Ran away. The woman's body was lying on one side of the road.

Anika burst into tears after seeing the body. Tarek was still wondering about the woman. Mithun tried to hand her hand with her hand and looked at her eyes. Then looking at them, shivering shouted, "Do not live."

Tarekera caught fire on the head Running on the edge of the collar caught Gemini. Tooth smiled and said, "Shalla said slowly, and did not listen. Fatting Bastard! The car is not yours, I'm scum ... Dad knows ... "

Anika Tarek pulled her hand. "Leave it oak dresses. Do not blame her. We thought ... "

Tareq Talaq looked at him. He said, "What did you think?"

"I thought it was not a man, ghost!"

"I heard the story of this goose-bite, killing a whole person? Night in the streets of the streets of the female? Do you have brains with nonsense rubbish? A dead minder ... "And I did not hear Anika. He pressed his ears with tears.

Gemini said - "Tale of the pillar! Have been a lot That has happened. Rainy night, there is no one on the street. Let's get cut before anyone comes. We should move away right now. "

"Leaving the woman like this ..."

"She is dead. We will not be able to help him anymore. Cut off when the road is empty. "

Shorts the head Ok let's go

*** *** ***

Aniikar broke the sound of the phone's voice Mithun called up. Anika received a call and said, "Hello!"

"Did you see the next part of the dream?"

"Yes ... yes ... how do you understand?"

"I also saw my sleep break."

"My God, this is what Gemini is. What do you mean by seeing the same dream together? "

"I do not know Anika. Okay, you have seen it! "

"We saw, we pushed the woman to the car. Then they were going to get away from me. Only then did I wake up. "

"I have not seen so much, only I have seen that the woman has been buried in the car. died."

"What do you mean by seeing this ghostly dream?"

"I do not know. The real thing to think about. Tomorrow will be the case tomorrow. Good night."

*** *** ***

Sitting around the cafeteria, Tareq shouted, "Two days have seen the same dream, even after the dream? It's so impossible, unreal !! Dream is not TV serial! "

"Unreal, not real." Gemini was drowned in a cell phone. Told the head and said the word.


Looking at Anika, Gemini asked: "Which road did we drive in a dream, can I say it?"

"No ... but ... it seemed to be on the way to Gazipur."

"Yes, Gazipur. Look at this news anika. "The cellphone screen showed Anaakee. An online news portal. An inhalation dried up after the news of Anika. The headline is: "A woman dies in Gazipur due to a road accident." She was more surprised to read the inside of the news. "...... the name of the woman Sharmin (35) He died in a road accident on his way home after the eye operation last night ... "

"The woman's eyes were in operation. Maybe the bandy was opened in the rain. That's why the blood was falling from the eyes. "

"He did not understand, but the fact is true?"

"If we did something like that, we would have remembered it! But the fact of the road accident is true. But we certainly did not do that. It's no such thing to forget! So what does this strange dream mean? "

Tareq wondered what to think. He said, "Well, where did we tell that night?"

Gemini sees the date of the online news. Then said, "On 13th July. Hey day it was a birthday! We all went to his house, cut the cake, took dinner at night and returned home, do not you remember? "

Wearing trim head. "Do you remember. On 13th July we were at Anny's Birthday Party. So the dream of your dream is nothing more than an incaseful co-incidence. "

Anika said, "But such a big incidence ..."

"could be. It is also possible near the impossible. "

Mithun was closely watching Tarek He said, "Well, we had three people in our dream. But I'm just dreaming of Anika, why do not you see Tareq? "

"Is the probability of seeing more than two people dreamed the same? There is a limit to the cacti! But I think, maybe both of you had read the online news before, I do not remember you. From there, there comes a thoughtful mind on the mind. I did not come in my head. Impossible?"

"Maybe, but two consecutive days why?"

"The first day was a coincidence. The second day was something called induced hallucination. It was the second time that we were talking about the subject and it was the second time that it happened. Have been affected by each other's thoughts. Even if you see the dream again tonight, I will not be surprised. "

Mithun noticed that Tarek's forehead was rolling in a fine sweat line.

                                                                                           (To Be Continued)


Hope you felt good  with this series.Sorry for the Grammer problems.And this is collected story.

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