Virus (Short Story)

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Hi guys.What's up! Long time no post.Today I have with something different.Its a short series,not a series I used to write.

Let's get this started...

Its been a long time Siam's Sir Sabbir is not helping Siam in his study. Siam is going to the afternoon to look for sir. Sabbir sits in a suburb of a suburb building. Suddenly he had to go home to work urgently. Back in the night yesterday.

Siam was seen after the door was opened.

Tenth grade student, Siam. He is more expensive than a computer than reading. His friend's relationship with Sir. Sabbir likes Siam as good as sir. But the day when he rules a little harder his mood is off.

Shabbir fell into honors. The financial condition of the house is not so advantageous. Tutoring continued the cost of own study. There is no trouble in cooking cuisine, so there is no tension for eating. Apart from the morning breakfast, ate twice in the house of fasting.

Sir, I have not been going to study in the last few days. I think it's sick. I had to be without my disease.


Not mean I used to rest for a while and press the computer.

Sir, your computer has dust. Do not use it for a long time. Do not play your PC?

no there's none.


You do not like.

Hindi is a new picture, sir. Bursting pictures. Watched?


Sir, let's look at your computer.

Okay, you're there, I'm coming out of a little bit.

On the computer, he started looking for a folder named Virus. His friend Rohan said - Most computers contain viruses called folders. Everyone is avoided seeing the name of the virus. So it is safe to keep those folders hidden in the folder. Some Adult Video on your own PC has fastened the video. If there is no one in the house enjoy it. His mind got worse and did not get the things that he wanted.

Sabbir came back and saw the computer shut down. What does not matter - that the computer is off? Why are you so frustrated?

There is nothing on your PC.

Did you pick something special?

No I mean sir ......................................

It's not okay to think like you all. Computers do not mean entertainment. Work things Those who do not work, they are left with entertainment on the computer.

Your computer has a virus in your computer? He arranged antivirus.

He was shy to hear the words of Sir and was astonished. Smiling on the face said, there is nothing bad about my computer. I can say with a challenge.

Pillar Now go home. I'm coming a little later.

On returning home, meeting friend Rohan.

Rohan said, 'No, there is no one in our house. Let's show you new things.

No ray buddy Come back to the sir. I can not go.

After many couples, Siam did not go with Rohan and came home.

He came home and deleted all the adult videos of his computer.

If anyone can tell him without the computer, even the father can raise his hand. Now there is no guilt in her mind.

Today's reading of sir has paid attention. There was a change in him.

He got good sleep at night. His computer is now virus-free There is no fear of him.

Based of the true event.


Hope you felt good  with this series.Sorry for the Grammer problems.And this is collected story.

Thanks to everyone.Specially to @adsactly .This is a community where you can work together and get help for any problem or suggestion of steemit. So,yeah if you want to get the support of their're always welcome to their discord channel...


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Thanks for reading.And also don't forget to upvote,comment and resteem for sure... 

Until next>>> PEACE <<<   

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