3SBD Contest! + The Day I Accidentally Pepper Sprayed My Daughter.

3년 전

Part One - THE STORY
(The Contest to follow in Part Two)

Yes, you read that right. I did that today.
I accidentally Pepper Sprayed my Daughter.
Please allow me to explain.

So a good friend of ours was leaving our small town and very generously left us a bunch of stuff. My 3 year old daughter and I went to go pick it all up, then took a tuc tuc
That's a tuc tuc.

to the closest path to our house and we (meaning I) lugged it all the way up the hill and home.

One of the items was a little box full of toys. I opened it up for my daughter and saw something that definitely did not look like a toy.

I picked it up and took a closer look
that doesn't look that dangerous, does it?

and, I swear, I thought it was some kind of butane safety lighter
like this one. See??

So…. I turned the safety switch and pressed the button.

And a JET of orange fluid sprayed out! I sincerely thank God and any and all Angels or Spirits of Protection that the nozzle wasn't facing either my daughter or I. I instantly knew it what it was and whipped around to check on my daughter, who was a bit behind and to the right of me. In the first second or two, she seemed fine. I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

But then she started screaming. It was horrible. But, I didn't have time for any emotions or anything else other than action. I immediately lifted her up and stepped over to the kitchen sink.

As luck, or one of the sister Fates with a bad sense of humour would have it, the water was off (as sometimes happens here). What to do?? Half a second later I was at the garafon,

I flipped up the lever and let the water pour onto the floor.

I started scooping handfuls of water onto her face. The screaming continued. But, thank the stars, it started to lessen. I then filled a big bottle of water and scooped her up into the bathroom. By this time her crying had diminished significantly so I realized, with an immense sigh of relief, that it must have been only sprinkles that had landed on her. I washed off her face and we lied down in the sun and 10 minutes later she was laughing and playing again.

Crisis averted. Now of course there was ample time for me to wallow in feeling like an imbecile/moron/worst Dad in the world. Fortunately though, as I watched my daughter dance in the garden sun being her usual happy, healthy self, those feelings melted away. It was a sincere accident, I had honestly had no inkling whatsoever that it was Pepper Spray or anything dangerous. Some lessons from today though?
-Beware of unknown gifts!
-Never try out anything unknown with your little one nearby!
-always act fast in emergency situations!
-be thankful everyday for the gifts and miracles that we have.

I hope this story entertained, amused or informed you. Now go share some love with someone important in your life,

because anything can happen at any time!

Much love.

**Part Two, THE CONTEST! **

It occurred to me I certainly can't be the only parent or person who has made a bonehead move, maybe one that potentially endangered themselves, or someone else, or something, but that, through their own action, the actions of others, pure luck or some combination of those, that in the end turned all well. Right?

So, I decided I'd like to Hear them! So bring them out! All your silly, embarrassing, crazy stories that had a happy ending!

And hey, to make it interesting, let's throw some SBD in there!

Now I myself, being very minnow-ish, do not (yet!) have a lot of SBD to give. But I will guarantee a minimum of let's say 2SBD for this contest. Further, I will donate 100% of any liquid SBD this post generates towards the prize pool, up to say a maximum of 5SBD. That's pretty decent, right?

The Prize Breakdown will be like this:
50% for 1st prize
30% for 2nd prize
20% for 3rd prize

On top of that, just because I want everyone to be a winner, I will upvote and donate 0.05SBD to everyone who enters! (not including the three winners mentioned above)

If I end up getting a lot of upvote value or some delegation on this post I will be very happy to increase the prize amount. Let's say if I should by some miracle happen to earn more than 50SBD (??!! 🤑🤓😀) from this post I will then donate 20% of my earnings to the prize pool and entry rewards!

How Does That Sound? 😃😎

THE WINNERS will be determined like so:

  • 50% weight by number of upvotes (not the value of the upvotes. So yes, all my fellow Minnows, your votes do count!)
    -50% by wright of my choice (this is to help prevent people with numerous accounts from simply upvoting themselves)

THE RULES are simple:
-just post your story!
(following the theme I mentioned)

Photos are not necessary but certainly help enhance a story, in my opinion anyway.
Upvoting & Resteeming this post are also not necessary but are most definitely very appreciated

And I think that's it! This is my Very #FirstContest, so I am extremely excited by it. As well I would truly value and appreciate your feedback, tips, suggestions and such.

It is my great desire and intention that this be a very fun and rewarding experience for us all.

All the best, always!


PS Some of you may be wondering *"why in the world would he be posting such a terrible story and trying to profit from it??" *

Well, first of all, I don't feel it is a terrible story. It certainly could have been. Thankfully though, it wasn't. Also, looking back, I find it kind of funny. Certainly not that my daughter suffered at all! That part was absolutely terrible and always will be. But I do find my actions that caused the whole thing kind of stupid and funny. And hey, the majority of All comedy is based on suffering of some kind. If you don't believe me, just go over some of your favourite jokes or comedy movies.

As for making profit off this story, well, there's certainly no guarantee that I will make any profit. In fact, with the prizes I've laid out, unless this post makes a good bit of SBD I'll be out money. Which is fine. My point is that isn't this part of what Steem is about? Sharing our stories? If people happen to enjoy or benefit from this or any of my stories or thoughts or what have you, I have no problem benefiting from that as well.

Finally, I want there to be a permanent record of this. That yes, I'm human, I make mistakes, and I fix them, too. So here it is on Blockchain, forever. I kind of like that idea.

So that's it! Hope you enjoy. ☺️

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Hahahah happy to know your daughter was ok fast enough :)
same thing happen to me and a friend with a spray we found i the street... it was pretty empty but somehow some little particles managed to get to our eyes... good thing is that we were dumb teens and not little kids ;)


Ha! Oh man, I can imagine that wasn't a fun time! But pretty funny to picture it now 😁

Thanks, I'm glad she was ok too.

Oh wow, is so nice that your baby girl is fine, you acted fast to help her.

About the contest, I'm not a mother but I can clearly remember one thing that almost happened to me that was a potentially big tragedy.

I remember one afternoon when I was like 6 years old and my family was all gathered at my grandma's, my uncle and my grandpa were trying to fire up the barbecue and a few meters away there was a plastic pool were my cousins and I were swimming.

Thing is that I don't know how happened, I just know that one second my two cousins (both older than me, and taller) and I were playing at the pool and the next one my aunt was yelling to my uncle and my cousins were running away.

When I stand up I saw the reason, the fire for the barbecue somehow get to fire some oil that was at the floor all the way to the pool, I was too little at that time and couldn't get out (or in) of the pool without help, there was no one near while I was watching the fire coming fast to the pool. But my grandpa runned faster, he literally saved me when he lifted me up and carried me to the house while my uncle was trying to stop the fire.

After all the shock, tears, and nervous fade away, my uncle put the pool again that somehow was still good and in one piece in the other side of the house, far away from the barbecue and we tried to swim again. But that afternoon we didn't eat barbecue xD, at the end my uncle bought food from a near restaurant.

I will always remember that memory from my grandpa when he saved me.


Great story @izzynaveda! Good thing your Grandfather was so fast acting! 😮 I'm very glad everything turned out all well, as I'm sure was everyone else in your family! 😊

Thanks so much for submitting your story. So far you have a very good chance of winning! 😉

It actually reminds me of a similar story of mine, from when I was about 10 years old.
My two younger brothers and I were out in the backyard and for some reason took it upon ourselves to get rid of a big anthill in our backyard. Being boys, we, of course, decided that gasoline would be a good way to do that. So, being the oldest I poured some of the gasoline we had somehow acquired ( I think it was the stuff for the lawnmower) on the anthill and lit it on fire. All was going well until I decided that more gas was needed on the fire. So I poured some more on. Being 10, I had no idea what would happen. What did happen is that the fire RACED right up the stream of gas!! I panicked and dropped the bowl of gas I had in my hand. It splattered everywhere and, very unfortunately, some drops of it landed on the bare legs of my 2-year-old brother!!

Well, I don't know how it happened but somehow my mother, who was way in the front of the house, heard our screams and I think teleported the distance because she was there in a couple of seconds, or even less it seemed like. She rolled my poor baby brother in the grass and the fire went right out and he was left with some very minor burns on his legs. Still a terrible thing! But it could've and would've been much worse if not for the fast and proper action of my SUPERmom 😇

I, of course, felt terrible for months. In fact, I still feel bad when I think of it, all these many years later. My parents didn't even punish me because they knew how horrible I felt. And needless to say, I never carelessly played with fire again! .....well, ok, almost never! ( I mean I was a little boy, after all! 😎)


Omg O_O I would have going crazy scared! Thanks God your mom was there so fast, I bet she's an Amazon woman, totally Wonderwoman. Is really good your little borther just had minor burns, of course it would have been better if he had nothing but thank God he was fine!

I can't imagine how bad you felt, I'm agree that's more than enough as punishment, think I might cry everytime I see my brother if something like that happens to me (hope it never!) but hey you learned the lesson! I bet you never did something like that again, or at least not while being with your brothers.


My Mom is an amazing woman :)

And thank you, @izzynaveda, you are very kind!

I am really glad your daughter is ok, she is really cute. I love her smile. That really was a close one. I don't have a child but i do have younger ones. I come from a large family and i am the first of seven children, five of which are boys. You can just imagine what kind of trouble we would have cooked up while growing up. There are a lot of stories to tell. This one happened when i was twelve. I was supposed to watch the others but i was so lost in a novel when the smell of smoke alerted me to trouble. The first thing i noticed was smoke all over the sitting room. Apparently, my brothers were playing campfire in the middle of the floor. They had gotten all sorts of wood to do this. Thank goodness they didn't use kerosene or we would have been in serious trouble. A chair was so close to where they had set up 'camp'. The smoke was caused by the dry grass they had added to the pile. It really was a close one. I succeeded in hidding the event from my parents, believe me, they would have beat the living daylights out of us. Thank goodness a fire outbreak was prevented.


Oh My Gosh! I know it was a long time ago but I'm so glad you were able to save your siblings and yourself in that situation! (and stay out of trouble! ) It could have been much worse. Thank for your kind words regarding my daughter. :~)

I sometimes think that's it's more amazing not how often bad things do happen, but how often they don't. I think our Guardian Angels must be working overtime a lot of the time :~)

Thank you for sharing your story! You have won 2nd place in the contest and 0.846 SBD has been transfered to your account. If you would like to see the accounting for this, keep your eye out for a post coming from me in a few minutes, and for more contests coming from me in the future! 8-D

Have a wonderful day and happy Steeming to you!


Our guardian angels really do work overtime considering the many scraps we get out of. Thank you and i wish you have a wonderful day also.

This post got resteemed and upvoted by @goldenwhale!

Bloody hell dude!!! You got lucky there! Im glad your daughter is okay. Good idea for a contest. I wont be entering as I have no kids.. wait do fur babies count?? 😂 IMG_0294.JPG


Haha! Hey @donnaincancun. It could be a story about anyone or anything that could have potentially been really bad because of a dumb thing you did, but turned out all good because of your actions, someone else's actions, just blind luck or some combo of any of those. So yes, fur babies count 😎

I look forward to reading your story! (plus as you might be the only entrant, you'd stand a good chance of winning! ;-)

And Thanks! It was bloody lucky and I'm grateful as hell that she was OK!

Nice story -- I certainly have my share of bonehead moments.

Good luck with your competition !


I think all the best of us have 😎

And thanks! Feel free to share a bonehead story of yours as an entry!

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