Drumming at the Edge of Magic

3년 전

Drumming at the Edge of Magic, a book by Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead


includes a story of the time when Zakir Hussain,

(Zakir Hussain)

eldest son of legendary tabla player Ustad Allah Rakha,

Allah Rakha

was sent, while still a teenager, by his father to live with the Grateful Dead in California. Zakir had been learning tabla from the great master, his father, since the age of four. Who knows why a great traditional East Indian musician decided to send his son to the West, and not just to the West, but to live with the infamous acid head band The Grateful Dead. We may never know, but the rest is history, some of it still in the making.

Listen to this:

and be amazed, awestruck, mystified!


I remember the time

a long time ago, that I was going to a concert in a park on the waterfront in Toronto. I arrived at the entrance just as Zakir Hussain's limousine arrived with him from the airport. So we ended up walking into the park together.

It felt like I was walking beside God!


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images (2) & (3) wikipedia.com


ouzo and out,

There is a plan!
(It's unfolding NOW)

Please spread the word about BEOS



Get ready for SKYfall!!!


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very beautiful music, it relaxes you and calms you down ...


How long did you stay calm?


I don't know how long because I didn't hear it all ... but in the first 2-3 minutes I had relaxed!!!! :)


The problem with that is that the drum solos don't start until about 36 minutes in and the title of this post is "Drumming at the Edge of magic".

they are magician of this incredible

Sri Lanka also got few highly talented Tabla players. but when drums came in, now it's not that famous! Anyway the sound of Tabla is unbeatable. Personally I love those musics than present days western musics!



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And now, with you, Sri Lanka has highly talented and famous steemian!

I can relate. There are folks who make you feel that way like you are in the presence of God. Enjoying the music, Thanks my friend.


It was so unexpected. Blew me away :-)

Delightful music! They are formidable together!
Thanks for sharing.


I am in awe every time I see Zakir play.



His fingers were just amazing! They seemed to be able to read each other’s mind!
Such harmony and playfulness! Very delightful and full of happiness.


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