Hope, faith, life, honour. by @otsouvalas feat @Gladiatom

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Hello steemians

Today I will not speak about photography, and I will not share any photos of my upcoming exhibition.
My post is to remind us what we left behind in order to evolve our lives.

Before you start the reading, please play this video-song at the background. This will travel you to the world of mystery where I found those words.

Source :Game of Thrones: Season 6 OST - Light of the Seven (EP 10 Trial scene)

Dear @gladiatom, dear steemians, dear friends and foes.

I am an artist. Photographer, video and filmmaker, writer or anything else you can add as a title for my work.
My work might worth money, fame, gold or nothing. I don't care and this is the truth.

I want and this is my life's main target, to share with every people, every human in this world, leaving under the safety of laws, that we have not to forget. Not forget that we might have changed all those years but we still are humans.
We have different colours. Different shapes. Different minds and thoughts. those, because we are, or at least we were human beings.

You, my friend, spoke about a black ship, sailing away hiding his self at the unknown. I will claim this, and I will change the black ship, with humanity. Kindness. Forgiveness. Happiness. HONOUR.

Those were our ships, and we were happy about helping each other without payments of course. Those ships, in our days, are the black ships. Those ships now, have the true life and feelings. Those ships are sailing away from us, and this because not they want to, but because WE made this decision.

For those who will think that I am crazy, idiot or any other like this. True. You have right. I am an idiot. An idiot who deserves nothing. But all of you who really thinks that you deserve something, leave your home for few days and live with no food, no money, no internet/beds/good life/electricity and many other MUST HAVE to live. If you can live at least a week out there, then you can imagine what is the life of a homeless person. I am not homeless, but I am happy with what I have. I am not homeless but I will not stop fighting for those people out there. I am crazy, but I still have not lost my humanity.

Colours, fame, lights, drinks and music, money.

You can have everything you like whenever you like. But, can you sleep at night when your thoughts are around those people out there?

If YES, then you are the most happy person of the world.
If NO, then you must act, we must act, together, each with his work, to make the world better and not sit down watching the end of the world...

This is me. This is my life. This is... HUMANITY

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On the level of humanity I agree. Everyone's definition of happiness, or even success, is different.

To directly respond to "homelessness" I'd add that every homeless person's reason or cause of being homelessness is different and not equal. Some may have brought it upon themselves as a result of poor decisions, as opposed to others poor "luck" or real misfortune.

Going back to happiness, some (perhaps most) people are greedy and jealous - so if they have a home and food, but less than their neighbor, they see themselves as less fortunate. They don't however look at the homeless person (the ones who by actual misfortune have no roof over their head and must beg for food) and feel thankful and satisfied.

ps: While I think I understand the overall notion and meaning you are trying to convey - I think I would be helpful to write it in Greek and have someone assist you to translate it into English.


Firstcof all I want to thank you and all other steemians because steemit gave me the oportunity to reveal my thoughts without criticism. I know that I have many issues with my english, and this because when I was young, instead of study I wanted to explore the real world. :) this is the main reason why I leave my photos to speak and not myself.

As for homeless people, I know the differences between those who gave everything and deside to leave at streets, those who live because they want to find their medical dose and of coursecthose who the life plaied the hardest game and tbrow them out.

κομματάρα και κειμεναρα :)


Για το κομμάτι δεν μπορώ να πώ κάτι γιατι εννοείται δεν είναι δικό μου :)
Σχετικά με το κείμενο όμως, τολμώ να πώ ότι είναι κάτι που βγήκε μέσα απο τα βάθη της καρδιάς μου.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα λόγια σου.


βλέπουμε κι εμείς GoT, το κατάλαβα για το κομμάτι :D Όσο για το κείμενο έτσι ειναι τα καλά , αυτά που βγαίνουν από μέσα μας :)


Η τέχνη είναι η έκφραση της ψυχής μας. :)

Τρομερό!! ,I' m not surpised to read this.I could understad what person you are from your photos!I hope and I wish you to be yourself for ever!!!
Good job.!!!


Ειναι πολυ δυσκολο να εισαι ο εαυτος σου, και να εκφραζεσαι διχως φιλτρα και δηθεν. Ειναι ομως κατι που δεν θα σταματησω να κανω οποιο και να ειναι το αποτελεσμα.

Ευχαριστω για τα θερμα σου λογια.


Έχεις δίκιο! Ειναι δύσκολο!!!Παλευω πολυ να μείνω και'γω οπως ειμαι..