Toxic people

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Toxic people are often manipulative, deceitful, and attract pessimism.

The aura that surrounds them or their energy vibrates in negative and therefore affects those around them. I have lived a certain part of my life with a toxic person, he is a relative and not for that reason you should stay with that person, I in my case made the decision to leave and it was the best thing I could have done, but there are those who can not or not have the way to do it (as happened to me before).

The first thing you should know is that toxic people are often liars and blackmailers, they will look for ways to manipulate you or blackmail you where they see themselves as the victim and gain control of the situation.

The second and very important thing is to know how to say NO, without hesitation, do not let it have control over your decisions, with a resounding NO you prevent that toxic person from influencing you (This is where we must take into account the first thing, they will try to make you feel guilty).

So don't feel bad about walking away from people who are causing you harm. It is normal to want to get away from people like that, many of these people only think of themselves and seek to make their own profit or seek to position themselves as victims to make you feel bad.

Getting away from these types of people, be they family or friends, improves both our physical and emotional health and is created by these people absorbing our energies, draining us and undermining our morale.

Personally, I had to deal with an arrogant and conflictive person, I didn't consider anyone and I only cared about his own person. And it's true, he may never have been aware of what he was doing with his behavior, but the only thing that was clear was that we were totally opposed and simply couldn't be close.

If you can't physically separate yourself from this person, my only advice is to do so emotionally, don't let this person into your space or influence your life in any way.

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