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Unexplained facts and great mysteries. In this segment I present the most intriguing cases, unsolved and without scientific explanation. Throughout the history of humanity, famous and inexplicable events have occurred, but with the passage of time, elements are discovered that allow us to understand the causes of what happened. On the other hand, there are others who, despite the research, analysis and perceptions developed over time, remain incomprehensible cases, fascinating cases that defy the laws of physics, logic and rationality.
In this article I present to you some of the unexplainable facts and the most beautiful and disturbing mysteries, which to date are totally or partially unsolved. The texts have been taken freely from www.wikipedia.com. For each of the cases treated, selected after a passionate investigation.

UFO or meteor fleet

An army of UFOs enters the Earth's atmosphere or they could be meteorites, the video that goes through the nets was captured by someone in eastern Russia. Russia has been in the news for a long time about incomprehensible sightings and other more common sightings, but at the same time it is clear that when we talk about meteorites the country of Russia is always a point of reference. There is something about this country or something that makes the penetration into that part of the world weak for the entry of those meteorites because the entry of UFOs is noticeable in every part of the world.

Look at the pictures, tell me what you think. Is it a UFO fleet or is it really a meteorite making its fall?



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