21 days...Life Changing Motivation..........

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Lets begin from Law of Attraction....


 It is very true and empowered universal principal. Its statess that you will draw to you the situations, circumstances, people and events that matches your internal feelings. thoughts, inwards. Your thoughts are a form of dynamic energy that's attracts you exactly what you think. Since the sub conscious minds forms are habits. We usually thinks the same thoughts over and over again. This is why we get the same reality over and over again. In order to choose consciously a better reality we must reprogram our sub conscious thoughts.  This is why you need to brain-wash yourself. Now the thing is how do we do it... 

Theses are the eight simple steps need to be followed...

1. Take a sheet of paper and write down exactly what you want in full detail. It can be anything from a lifestyle, to a certain job, to a particular car you want, it can be anything just make sure that it is crystal clear in detail.

2. Begin  to visualize yourself already having and attaining your desired object. Make a mental movie in your mind and play them as if its already a reality. Subconscious mind can't tell the difference between a visualization and actual events.


3. Stop watching television series and movies that contradict your new belief. Subconscious mind is always influenced, You want to give the right influence, Only give your attention and energy to the things that complements your ideal life style and your desired object. Go on a news fast for 30 days. Dont watch the news at all ...Soon you will notice how your vibration will began to rise.

4. Create a soft but sweet affirmation that implies that you already have your desired object. As an example if you want to became successful then start your affirmation with "I AM SUCCESSFUL" " or if wanted to be financially stable start with "I AM PROSPEROUS" . Always start your affirmation in present tense such as "I have or I am". Remember the subconscious only operates in the present tense.

5. Create an alarm in your phone that will remind you at a certain time  to speak you certain affirmation, Now for this exercise I will like you to chose one affirmation set on a 5 min timer on every day say your affirmation over and over again. While you saying it images will start to appear in your mind regarding what you are saying Let them happen and feel the feelings while continuing to say that affirmation ...this may seems foolish at first but I assure you this is sure a new way to rise any new idea inside of your subconscious mind. Do this for a minimum of 21 days. 

6. Listen to affirmation or create your own that complements your desired goal. Make a mp3 and put it in your phone and listen to it on a  low comfortable volume while you sleep and put it in repeat. Your subconscious mind is always listening and is completely vulnerable in a dream like stage , You will began to adopt what you hear in the affirmations as your belief system. D o this for a minimum of 21 days.

7. Began to talk about your desire as if it already a fact. Lets say you are having a conversation with your friend about your finances, talk as if you are already prosperous as you want to be or in another word use your imagination like a child and pretend and act as if.your reality follow your imagination.

8. Repeat, repeat , repeat, repeat ...new habits and belief are formed through repetition.............

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