Life in South Africa

3년 전

Political propaganda, murder, conflicting stories, corruption at its worst. Somehow we have just become immune to a barbaric way of life. A country that has a population of a mere 55 million people and our crime stats recently revealed that we have on average 54 Murders a day. Yes in one single day !!!!!!

Our government has failed us !! Every citizen has been at the mercy of criminals and a corrupt Government, not individuals but an entire Government that is selfless, who value votes above the needs of the Citizens of this country, the poor are worse off than ever and there is now not enough money in the Country to even begin to rebuild anything, more borrowing, more corruption, where does this end.

Sadly I was once optimistic that there was a better future, time to be honest and look at the real facts, time to take my knowledge and skills to somewhere that deserves me and appreciates my contribution to society.

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