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This is what is says on my cigarette box !!!

Every smoker that I talk to says that they wish they could give up. This nicotine drug is a lot more serious than we all think, the physical and neurological effects that it has on our brain makes it harder to give up than most other recreational drugs.
It is in reality a very serious drug, the negative effects on the human body are many, not to mention what is costs in a month to smoke.

The only reason this drug is legal is because it does not impair our senses when working or driving etc. I read so many articles and ideas on how to stop smoking, there are drugs available that take away the craving when you stop smoking but those can have severe side effects.

When someone comes up with a cure or easy way to stop smoking, they will surely go down in the history books and become very wealthy at the expense of the cigarette companies that turn over Billions.

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In South Africa they are looking at passing a law that can get you jail time for smoking and cigarettes will not be sold at just any shop .

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